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The vision is to create an  investment fund with a strong local presence, based on operating principles that are wholly consistent with the key tenets of the Abrahamic faiths and principles based on ‘good faith’  and  those derived from universalist values. That will provide startup finance and further investment funding to entrepreneurs . In addition to the provision of finance, the aim is for the investment fund to provide mentoring and other related business services for growing business concerns, in conjunction with membership of a barter network. This will provide members with access to goods and services from other bank-client and other participants and companies valued at current market prices, and an outlet for any surplus produce. Barter network credit and debits are to be centrally administered by the investment  fund.

In order to fulfill this vision, it is proposed to maintain a high degree wherever possible of transparency in all financial transactions and remuneration and, for partnerships to be established with multiple stakeholders.

Investment banking has traditionally been operated on a large scale, leaving retail banking to provide financial services to the small to SME sector. This current provision is regarded as inappropriate for several reasons:

a.)    Principal and often high interest is payable on borrowings, impacting SME profitability.

b.)   Credit is heavily marketed to those businesses that do not require it and is restricted to those that do.

c.)    The business relationship is often conducted on an ‘arms-length’ basis.

d.)   In times of recession or stagnation like the present credit squeezes act as a deterrent to the establishment of new or latent initiatives that would otherwise be successful.

 In response to this inefficient  financial provision, the Pax Global Capital investment fund seeks to provide investment funding without interest and on a partnership basis i.e. both investor and entrepreneur share in the success or failure of the particular venture. In addition, it is considered that in the current economic climate of stagnation, rising especially youth unemployment, environmental degradation and inequality there is a very real danger of tensions and strife between different ideological and religious groupings. As a consequence, the investment fund seeks to foster understanding and meaningful partnerships between those of different persuasions, in order make a contribution towards a more stable future for our children and the planet.