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Matthias Chang

The unraveling of the Zionist Anglo-American policies of demonisation of Islam in collaboration with autocratic Muslim police states.The Zionist Anglo-American Imperial power and their Muslim collaborators are finally reaping what they have sowed for the last fifty years, but more so in the last twelve years.

This was all too apparent when the so-called “Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union as propagated by the Reagan regime was replaced by “Islamo-Fascism” as the new global ideological enemy at the end of the Cold War. In their book, An End to Evil, David Frum and Richard Perle identified Islam, specifically Islamo-Fascism as the global enemy of the 21st century that must be ruthlessly wiped out.

And when war criminal Bush demanded that if anyone does not support his Global War Against Terror agenda, then they are against his regime and must pay the price – invasion, occupation and total destruction, the die was cast. It was the most audacious political blackmail and it worked.

The autocratic Muslim regimes took this opportunity to buttress their oppressive political stranglehold by pandering to the global agenda of the Zionist Anglo-American war establishment. These autocratic scumbags without exception portrayed themselves as “moderate” Muslims and their domestic opposition forces as “extremists”, “Jihardists”, “terrorists”, “fundamentalists”, and “deviationists” in like manner as the authors of An End to Evil.

They queued and prostrate before Emperor Bush and his poodle Blair to demonstrate who is the “better” and “more moderate” Muslim. A deal was hatched between these sycophants and Emperor Bush and poodle Blair. In exchange for military protection and support as well as generous financial aid, the so-called “moderate” Muslim regimes would ensure “stability” and ruthless suppression of any opposition to the Zionist Anglo-American global agenda.

Make no mistake, the Zionist Anglo-American elites are only too aware that these Muslim sycophants are all scumbags and cut-throats. But they don’t care for the simple reason that it would be too costly to invade and occupy these countries all at once. Better to take them out one by one, if they don’t toe the line. In the meantime, these scumbags must do all the dirty work to prove their loyalty to the Empire!

After all, it only costs a mere US$2 Billion to maintain Mubarak and his security apparatus to have a docile Egypt. And in the case of the Saudis and the Gulf  States, flushed with petro-dollars, they would be toppled by the Economic Hitmen and Jackals if they don’t support the Zionist Anglo-American Military-Industrial Complex by the purchase of superfluous military hardware.

For lesser autocrats, the threat of fomenting social unrest and or trade sanctions was enough to secure obedience and compliance.

This pantomime was given a dramatic touch when CIA-MI6-Mossad sponsored terrorist groups were let loose to create havoc to foster the illusion that these regimes are in fact “moderate” and a bulwark against Muslim fanatics. A whole new industry was created around this global agenda.

The final touch – an invitation to the White House was deemed a certificate of good standing and membership to an elite club and so they were led to believe. Gullible scumbags!

The Saudi monarch and Wahhabism were and still are the British Empire's constructs. Wahhabism is a feudal, tribal aberration of Islam but no one dares expose it as such. One and all must bow to the God of Petro-dollar, the only pillar that currently supports the US toilet paper money.

Is it any wonder that Islam is so maligned today?

A time bomb was ticking, but the focus was on the alleged threat of WMDs, the pretext for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. And now the same lies are perpetrated against Iran. But the time bomb has exploded in Tunisia and has triggered a chain reaction. Egypt has now erupted! The true voice of Islam has cried out – no more betrayals, no more false Islamic regimes, sycophants of the Zionist Anglo-American empire. Let the corrupt tremble and fear the retribution of the oppressed. The security apparatus and police state are paper tigers for in the final analysis, it is the people that really matters.

The self-delusion that autocrats like Mubarak, are guarantors of stability have been shattered. We need not fear that the progressive voice of Islam will not rise to the occasion and usher in a new era of renaissance. If there is to be genuine peace, then each and every corrupt and moribund Muslim regime must be swept away by progressive forces so that true Islam will shine on its people.  

The unfolding events in the Middle East is a stark warning to one and all that the distortion of Islam for corrupt political agenda and power grab will give rise to a blowback, that has been fifty years in the making. No force can hold back this transformational tsunami.

Progressive Muslims versus Moribund “Islamic” regimes of all hues!


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