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Kevin Barrett

On the eve of Ramadan 1439, Zionist arrogance reached unprecedented heights (or lows). On May 8, US buffoon-in-chief Trump announced his withdrawal from the JCPOA, better known as the Iran nuclear deal. Then on May 14 — the same day that Trump’s Jewish daughter Ivanka presided over the opening of the new US embassy in colonized al-Quds — Zionist snipers murdered 60 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators and in-jured 2,771.

All in all, during the Great March of Return demonstrations between March 30 and May 16, the Zionists murdered at least 110 Palestinians, including children, journalists, and medical personnel, and injured more than 12,000. At no time were any of the Zionists in the slightest danger from the unarmed demonstrators. They simply shot down the Palestinians for no reason but sheer, vicious cruelty.

Palestine is at the heart of the Arab and Muslim peoples. Yet most Arabian and Muslim rulers did little or nothing to stop the humiliation and slaughter.

The Saudi clown prince, Bin Salman, actually told the Palestinians to “shut up.” That remark, on May 1, came on the heels of his appeal to Netanyahu, “We have a common enemy, and it seems that we have a lot of potential areas to have economic cooperation.” Apparently the “common enemy” hated by Bin Salman and Netanyahu is the Arab and Muslim people in general, and the people of Palestine in particular.

Of course Bin Salman’s “common enemy” remark was intended as a reference to Islamic Iran, the only Muslim country that is boldly standing up for Palestine. Iran openly supports the Palestinian resistance as well as the anti-Zionist Lebanese group Hizbullah. Iranian leaders do not conceal their determination to lead the Muslim Ummah’s battle against Zionism, and to ultimately prevail in that struggle. So as the battle for Palestine intensified in the days before Ramadan, I was invited to participate in the May 12–14 conference “Jerusalem al-Quds: Eternal Capital of Palestine” hosted by the NGO New Horizon, in Mashhad, Iran.

New Horizon conference chair Nader Talebzadeh, a noted filmmaker, is Iran’s most influential talk show host, with an audience said to exceed 10 million regular viewers. He studied film at Columbia University, and gave up what could have become a lucrative career in the US to return to Iran and participate in building the Islamic Republic. He sees his work with New Horizon as a way of bringing together seekers of truth and justice from many countries and worldviews, in hopes of finding consensus on key issues and projects including liberating Palestine, revealing 9/11 truth, ending usury, and working for a multipolar rather than unipolar world.

This year’s conference, which as usual included leading intellectuals, journalists, and activists from around the world, was the first to feature former high-level US military, intelligence, and diplomatic whistleblowers. In the past, the Iranian government refused to issue visas for people with such backgrounds. But something changed, so this year’s conference featured ex-CIA officer and Israel critic Philip Giraldi, former State Department official and Visas for al-Qaeda author Michael Springmann, former US Army psy-ops officer Scott Bennett, and most surprisingly of all, former neocon insider Michael Maloof, who worked with 9/11 suspects Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser in the Zionist-run Office of Special Plans that cooked up fake intelligence about 9/11 and alleged Iraqi WMD.

All four former US government insiders are patriotic American conservatives. So what were they doing in Mashhad consorting with supporters of Islamic Iran and the Palestinian resistance? The answer, I believe, is that Giraldi, Springmann, Bennett, and Maloof are the visible tip of a submerged iceberg: the growing number of US insiders who are appalled by the Zionist takeover of American foreign policy. These people have come to understand that the United States of America, like Palestine, is Zionist occupied territory — and that Americans, like Palestinians, need to overthrow their Zionist masters in order to regain their freedom and sovereignty.

Rabbi Dovid Weiss of Naturei Karta gives a talk at the New Horizon Conference in Mashhad, Iran, 5-12-2018. For the first time, former high-level US military, intelligence, and diplomatic whistleblowers were allowed to attend, owing to the growing number of US insiders who are unsettled about the Zionist takeover of US foreign policy.

One of the conference’s themes was that the struggle for Palestine is linked to the struggle to build a genuinely multipolar world. After all, the Zionist entity survives only because it is propped up by the self-styled unipolar hegemon, the USA — which polices the world on behalf of the Zionist-dominated international banking cartel that aspires to build the first one-world empire. At least some of the architects of the one-world empire project are fanatical millenarian Zionists who plan to destroy the Aqsa Masjid and “rebuild” an ostensibly Jewish blood sacrifice temple, all in service to installing a planetary Zionist “messiah” (presumably Dajjal) on the throne in colonized al-Quds.

Pushing back against these diabolical designs are such conference attendees as traditionalist Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, founder of the Eurasia movement. I was honored to finally get a chance to meet Dugin, perhaps the leading theoretician of the emerging multipolar world. We discovered we both found our intellectual and spiritual paths thanks to the work of René Guenon, the founder of traditionalism. Dugin advocates working for a world of fully independent sovereign nations and regions in which all of the world’s peoples can collectively organize their lives according to their own traditions, whose deepest level is religion. This project makes Dugin a target of the Zionists, who are dedicated to undermining traditional peoples and religions in service to their millenarian ideology and one-world dictatorship project.

Also present at the conference were some of the world’s leading pro-Palestine and anti-Zionist figures, including Rabbi Dovid Weiss of Naturei Karta, Alison Weir of, Gaza flotilla organizer Greta Berlin, French researcher and writer Maria Poumier, the aforementioned ex-CIA officer Philip Giraldi, and Israeli-born anti-Zionist Miko Peled. The consensus seemed to be that with their Gaza massacre, US embassy move, and threats to Iran, the Zionists are getting increasingly desperate… and dangerous. But such outrageous escalations and provocations only serve to turn the world, the Ummah, and the region against them, hastening their own demise by their clumsy, bloodthirsty attempts to ward it off.

One dissenting voice was that of Lauren Booth, the British journalist and sister-in-law of Tony Blair who converted to Islam in 2010 after an intense spiritual experience at a masjid in Qom. Booth argued that the conference consensus — that the Supreme Leader of Iran was correct in stating that “Israel will not exist in 25 years” — is too optimistic. The Zionists are celebrating as they move from victory to victory, she said, and mere talk of their impending demise is not an effective act of resistance. Booth urged attendees to take to the streets in vociferous anti-Zionist demonstrations, and generally raise their level of active engagement.

Booth’s argument — that the Zionists’ willingness to flout world opinion and commit obscenely sadistic acts of terrorism does not guarantee their demise — is borne out by history. Those who have gone beyond the bromides of high school textbook history know that the Zionists have repeatedly committed the most extreme outrages… and gotten away with them. Zionist mail bombs to British and American leaders, the King David Hotel massacre, the false-flag attack on Americans in Egypt known as the Lavon Affair, the deliberate massacre of unarmed American sailors on the USS Liberty, and a long list of other false-flag atrocities including 9/11 have thus far not led to the demise of the Zionist project.

So Lauren Booth is right in urging us to avoid complacency, but instead double and redouble our efforts for Palestine. The Muslim Ummah, in particular, must unite behind Islamic Iran and the Palestinian resistance. If we truly commit ourselves, then one day, perhaps in our lifetimes, Palestine, insha’allah, will be free.


Even in a world gone mad, President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem is not only illegal, it proves beyond any doubt that he is a raving lunatic. It has already increased hatred for the US and Zionist Israel. To show how little regard Israel has for human life, especially Palestinian lives, its occupation forces slaughtered more than 60 Palestinians and injured thousands of others in Gaza the same day as the US “ceremony” to move the embassy was underway in Jerusalem.

Here is why Jerusalem can never be the capital of Zionist Israel that claims to be a “Jewish” State. The overwhelming majority of Jewish people reject Israel’s claim to being a Jewish State, and for very good reason. The Jewish people are a religious not a national group, even though the Zionists insist on an ethnic identity. While Jerusalem is sacred to the Jewish people — as it is to Muslims and Christians — it is only in the religious and spiritual sense. People who have even limited knowledge of the Torah will confirm that by turning Jerusalem into a political issue, the Zionists are violating the teachings of the Torah. Observant Jews have stated this repeatedly although their voices are drowned out by the vulgar propaganda of the Zionists that has brainwashed or blackmailed many people into swallowing these nonsensical claims. Non-Jews are forced into silence by allegations of anti-Semitism if they criticize Israeli barbarism.

The time has come to state loud and clear that Zionist Israel and its backer, the US, are terrorist states. They are a threat to the entire world and need to be checked before they blow it up in smoke. Stopping them will not be easy but those with a conscience are left with no choice.

The only thing America knows is how to kill innocent people. Since 9/11, it has slaughtered more than four million people worldwide. Even at home, some 36–40,000 Americans are killed each year in gun-related violence. That adds up to nearly 600,000 murdered at home in the same period. One would be hard-pressed to find a more accurate description for barbarism.

And Zionist Israel has kept pace by slaughtering unarmed Palestinians with weapons provided by the US. It is revealing that on the day the Palestinians were observing the Nakbah, Israeli snipers perpetrated another blood bath of unarmed Palestinians. The Nakbah (Catastrophe) befell the Palestinians 70 years ago when Zionist terrorist gangs killed and ethnically cleansed them from their homes and villages. Zionist Israel was created in blood and Trump’s embassy move shed more innocent blood even while American officials and evangelical priests were blessing the opening of the US’ new embassy in Jerusalem as “God’s work.” One wonders what God do these demons worship that would take pleasure in the slaughter of innocents!

Zionist Israel is an illegitimate entity; it has stolen the land of the Palestinians for settlement by illegal squatters from Europe, Russia, and North America. Like the European settlers in North America several centuries earlier, the same mentality is at work in colonized Palestine. The indigenous population has to be slaughtered, terrorized, and ethnically cleansed to make room for the marauders. This is being crowned by taking over Jerusalem to convey the message that the Palestinians have been totally defeated.

But the Palestinians refuse to be defeated or go away silently to live on their Bantustan-type reservations. They are standing up and fighting back with their bare hands, like little Davids against the Zionist Goliath, and that day is not far when they will reclaim every inch of their land from the clutches of the Zionists.

This is the internal situation in Palestine. There is also another dimension to this tragedy: the external environment surrounding colonized Palestine. All Arabian regimes surrounding Palestine except Lebanon and Syria are in league with the Zionist colonizers, referred to as Israel’s “first line of defence” by David Ben Gurion. These regimes have to be dealt with in the same manner as Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi did more than 930 years ago when he confronted the Crusaders in Palestine. The great Muslim warrior first liberated the lands surrounding Palestine from the clutches of the tyrannical regime that had aligned itself with the usurpers before taking on the Crusaders.

Before the liberation of Palestine can be realized, the Arabian regimes surrounding Palestine have to be reclaimed. Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia top this list of traitors. The latter two are artificial entities carved out by European colonialists from the remains of the Ottoman Sultanate. These regimes have aligned themselves with the enemies of Islam and are acting as their praetorian guards against struggling Muslims.

The situation is not as bleak as it may appear. The Palestinians have not surrendered; Syria has joined the resistance front after surviving the mercenary onslaught orchestrated by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and their henchmen. Zionist Israel is beginning to feel the heat in the colonized Golan Heights. How long will it be before these colonizers are driven out of there, opening the way for the liberation of the rest of Palestine?

Nwabisa Sigaba

As Palestinians commemorate NKBA (Catastrophe) that befell them 70 years when their land was stolen from them, dozens have been shot and killed by the Zionist occupation forces. Illegal Zionist squatters from Europe and North America storm the Holy precinct of Masjid al Aqsa. Palestinians are brutalized and humiliated on a daily basis. In this report, Nwabisa Sigaba of South Africa narrates her personal experiences of a visit to Occupied Palestine

Imagine living your life as though you were in a cage in your own home, and having to constantly prove your humanity and existence at every checkpoint and having your religious beliefs questioned at every holy site?  This is the daily reality of Palestinians living in Israeli Occupied Palestine, where the movements and activities of Palestinians are under constant surveillance and scrutiny 24/7.  From the airport I took a taxi driven by a Palestinian who was in his middle ages. He has witnessed some of the worst brutalities of the Zionist occupation forces.

He narrated the inhumane treatment that Palestinians endure under the Occupation. “They steal land, they steal dignity and they steal life you know. And they do it with pride and arrogance”, the Palestinian Taxi driver said. It was not until we arrived at the first checkpoint and saw the high walls dividing Palestine from the illegal Zionist entity called Israel, that the reality of apartheid Israeli began to be material; the separation of populations of people, of Muslim, Jewish and Christian holy sites as though these religions had absolutely nothing in common.

The systemic apartheid is visible in the infrastructure; the narrow roads, demolished houses and buildings that Palestinians have to live in, the abandoned cities, homes and markets, particularly in the city of Hebron. The Palestinians are not permitted to build, renovate or even provide basic municipal services in their own territories, without the written permission of the occupiers. The streets are filled with Israeli soldiers, surveying the activities of young Palestinians who are suspected of malicious intent and prone to unwarranted arrests for voicing out their anger at the ongoing brutal occupation.

It is evident that many Palestinians suffer from severe Post-traumatic Stress Disorders, and in my observations, this is evident in their excessive smoking habits. There are few recreational centres and young children find pleasure in aggressive activities of showing scorn and hatred at the occupiers by agitating Israeli soldiers through fireworks, stone-throwing and loud noises in places where there is heavy military presence. The bravery and fearlessness of these young Palestinians is scary but commendable at the same time and it reminded me of the June 16 uprising in Soweto where young Black South Africans took to the streets to display their outrage against apartheid. The reality that Palestinians are living through in their own land is similar, and perhaps even worse than apartheid, where the walls are visibly symbolic of the divide.

The religious beliefs that are meant to unite Palestinians and Jews, for example, the gravesite of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim [as]), at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, is a source of great tumultuous conflict amongst Jews and Muslims. The partition wall built inside the mosque evidences this. The wall was built because of a massacre that took place inside the mosque in February 1994 when an American-born Jewish squatter, Baruch Goldstein shot and killed about 29 Palestinian Muslims during early morning- prayers.

The Zionist occupation of Palestine has resulted in more cultural, social, political and economic divisions mostly based on racism that is centered on religious identity. The fact that Muslims, be they Palestinian or just mere tourists visiting Holy sites in Jerusalem and other cities, have to prove their Islamic identity is a dehumanizing and humiliating act enforced by Israeli soldiers. I felt like a criminal in most parts of Palestine that I visited, and even more so in Israel at the airport where I was strip-searched after a Kifaya (Palestinian scarf) was found in my hand luggage.

I was interrogated for almost 30 minutes about my whereabouts and the purpose of my visit and why I had the scarf in my bag. I quickly concluded that Israelis do not want us to visit Palestinian territories. They do not want us to witness the brutal, inhumane and savage conditions under which Palestinians are forced to live in their own land. They are denying travelers, Palestinian sympathizers and other groups the freedom and right of affiliation, in as much as they deny Palestinians the international human right to self-determination.

There are many international observer groups that have been deployed to Palestine to make reports and findings about the conditions under which Palestinians are forced to live. One such group that we found in Hebron was the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) which has been there for over 10 years. These observer groups have done little if any criticism at all in condemning Israel for its military occupation in Hebron and the destruction of life in that part of Palestine.

These observer groups hardly publish any of their findings in public platforms that are accessible to the international community. Hence some of the atrocities and Human Rights violations committed by Israel go unnoticed and unpunished by the United Nations.

Whom can Palestinians rely on for relief, justice, restoration and right of return to their lands?
International organisations such as the UN seem to have forgotten all together about the people of Palestine and Israel seems to have no regard for International Law and resolutions and continues to rob Palestinians of their land, dignity and lives. It is important that when we say we pledge solidarity with Palestinians we understand the depth of that pledge. Things are tough there for Palestinians and our mere presence in their territory means much more to them than we can ever imagine. Israeli apartheid is more real than what we think we know about the conflict in this part of the world. Christian and Muslim Palestinians alike are barricaded in walls meant to keep them out of their heritage, their land and dignity. A feeling we know all too well as Black South Africans.


For the Zionists, Palestinian lives have no value. They are able to get away, literally with murder because Western regimes, especially the US, support them. This is what happened in Gaza on May 14 when 61 Palestinians among them six children were murdered in cold blood. Nearly 2,700 others were injured, some crippled for life. Israeli commanders confirmed that soldiers had orders to shoot to kill using live ammunition against unarmed protesters. Between March 30 and May 14, the Zionist occupiers had already murdered 90 Palestinians and injured thousands of others.

The protests launched on March 30 to press for the Right of Return were to culminate on May 15 when the Palestinians commemorate the Nakbah (Catastrophe). May 15 marked its 70th anniversary. Adding insult to injury, it coincided with the US shift of embassy to Jerusalem. While US officials, diplomats, and pastors were celebrating the embassy move, Israeli soldiers were busy slaughtering innocent Palestinians.

When Kuwait tried to raise the issue at the UN Security Council on May 15, US Ambassador Nikki Hailey (real name Nirmata Kaur Randhawa) not only vetoed it but she praised Israel for showing “restraint.” What planet does this Indian woman live on? She cannot praise Israel enough; if the Zionists carry out a massacre, she calls it Israel’s right to “self-defence.” This is the mantra repeated ad nauseum by all Western rulers to cover up Zionist crimes. 
Israeli snipers using high velocity rifles with explosive bullets as well as tear-gas shells fired from drones targeted Palestinian civilians as well as journalists and medical professionals. Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani was among those shot and wounded by the Zionists. On May 15, the Palestinians were busy burying their dead or caring for the injured amid dwindling medical supplies.

Despite scenes of horrific carnage shown on television, some Western regimes sought refuge behind calling for both sides to “show restraint.” Is there any equivalency between victims and their oppressors? And what restraint should the Palestinians exercise: take their occupation in silence while Zionist Israel starves them to death? The UN has described conditions in Gaza as “intolerable.”

The Gaza protests were the collective response of ordinary Palestinians against a barbaric colonization. They showed with their feet and bare bodies that they are fed up of living in a vast prison and insist on returning to their ancestral homes. This was one of the conditions Israel had to accept before it was admitted as member of the UN in 1948.

Only by considering the grim reality of life in Gaza can one begin to understand the Palestinians’ frustration. They are bottled up in a tiny strip and prevented from even leaving. On two sides they are besieged by Israel, which also controls their air space as well as access to the sea; Gaza’s Rafah Crossing with Egypt is similarly blocked and the Israeli navy prevents Palestinian fishermen from going beyond a couple of miles. Much of the water near the coast is contaminated with sewage because Gaza’s treatment plants are broken due to lack of spare parts, again due to the Israeli siege.

More than 90% of Gaza’s water supply is contaminated and electricity is available for only a few hours per day. Many hospitals lack critical supplies and those injured by Israeli bullets, including babies have to be operated on often without anesthesia. One can imagine the pain of those whose flesh is being cut with the doctor’s knife without anesthesia. Not so for the takfiris who have routinely treated in Israel.

While we can highlight Zionist barbarism and complain about Western hypocrisy, what about the Muslim rulers, especially those in the Muslim East? Why have they adopted a deathly silence in the face of such crimes? Muslims must be clear that these regimes are the root cause of their problems. They are illegitimate and oppressive, but most importantly, cowardly. They are agents of imperialism and Zionism. Unless they are removed from power, the prospects of the liberation of Palestine would remain low. One country — Islamic Iran — liberated through an Islamic revolution from the clutches of imperialism and Zionism has shown what can be achieved. If a few more Muslim countries are similarly liberated, the days of the Zionist regime in colonized Palestine will be numbered. Once Palestine is liberated, then all people — Muslims, Christians, and Jews — can live as equal citizens under the law and in peace in the Holy Land.
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