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July 30, 2018

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi is free after eight months in an Israeli prison. While her bravery in confronting occupying Israeli soldiers has been celebrated around the world, Western media outlets have gone to great lengths to portray her as an aggressor. We speak to Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada



Thomas Suárez

Arabic edition now in print ...
... translated by Dr. Mohammed Asfour, a Jordanian academic, researcher, translator, critic, and poet, who was born in Haifa in 1940.

Why has the Israel-Palestine ‘conflict’ endured for so long, with no resolution in sight?

In this meticulously researched book, Thomas Suárez demonstrates that its cause is not the commonly depicted clash between two ethnic groups — Arabs and Jews — but the violent takeover of Palestine by Zionism, a European settler movement hailing from the era of ethnic nationalism.

Tapping a trove of declassified British documents, much of which has never before been published, the book details a shocking campaign of Zionist terrorism in 1940s and 1950s Palestine that targeted anyone who challenged its messianic settler goals, whether the British government, the indigenous Palestinians, or Jews.

Today's seemingly intractable quagmire is that terror campaign’s unfinished business, an Israeli state driven by unrequited territorial designs and the dream of ethnic ‘purity’. The role of Zionist terrorism in establishing the Israeli state and perpetuating today's conflict is laid bare in Suárez’s groundbreaking narrating of the unbroken historical record.


"This book is true, and it is important. It proves beyond doubt that Israel is not the perpetual victim of Arab violence that it claims to be, but has been the aggressor throughout the history of the conflict."
Read full review by Dr. David Gerald Fincham

Electronic Intifada
"Suárez offers a penetrating analysis of the roots of Zionist ideology, showing not only its racist underpinnings and colonialist attitudes toward Arabs but also its attempt to exercise political, religious and cultural hegemony over the Jewish people. In a sense Suárez exposes political Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism and a kind of totalitarianism."
Read full review by Rod Such

Tribune Magazine
"[This is] a book that really does get to the heart of the Zionist soul - a very dark place indeed. State Of Terror is not a polemic but a chronological account of the cynical, often indiscriminate violence that enabled a single ‘race’ to colonise and conquer another people’s land within the space of 60 years, and (though the book does not deal, except in a brief epilogue, with the post-Suez period) to continue its campaign of ethnic cleansing for the next 60 or more, slowly gathering to its bosom more and more of the land the Zionists always claimed was theirs by right."
Read full review by Mike Parker (16 December, 2016, p25)

Publishers Weekly
"Suárez passionately and meticulously exposes the terrorism committed by Zionist groups in Palestine from the post-WWI era of the British Mandate through the early years of the Israeli state. Though not a historian by trade, Suárez ably presents material from British archives, Zionist documents, and other sources to chronicle the relentless onslaught of kidnappings, shootings, and bombings committed by Zionist terror organizations ... an impressive display of historical excavation."
Read full review

Kirkus Reviews
"Moreover—and this is where Suárez is most sharply provocative—the early Zionists also targeted Jews themselves, such as pressuring post–World War II displaced persons to settle in Palestine as well as kidnapping Jewish orphans to keep them from being raised Christian. ... The author emphasizes the anti-Semitic nature of Zionism in creating “a permanent state of emergency” for which a Jewish state in Palestine was the only answer."
Read full review

Labour Briefing
"Many quotes from UK, UN, US and international observers compare the Revisionists and their military operators to the Nazis. It must be the author’s meticulous and voluminous referencing which has safeguarded him from legal action."
Read full review by Glyn Secker

Arab Studies Quarterly
" is his painstaking research, which documents the unconscionable strategy and terrorist tactics Zionists used to establish the Israeli Settler State. It mutes any belief that Israel would willingly allow any form of Palestinian self-determination or right of return. State of Terror should be added to the essential sources for researchers on this issue, as well as required reading for university courses on the Palestine/Israel Conflict."
Read full review by Elaine Hagopian

Middle East Media and Books Reviews Online  (highly critical review)
"This is a clear and intense attempt to delegitimize Zionist ideology and in doing so change the traditional historiographic interpretation on the creation of Israel. The author would have the reader consider that there has been a pattern of settler colonialism qua imperialism in place. Some will view this work as a polemic while others can reach a reasonable conclusion of revisionist historical interpretation." 
Read full review by Sanford R. Silverburg, Ph.D

Weekly Worker
"Suarez’s book is based on copious research from the Public Record Office at Kew. A clue to this book’s importance is the fierce campaign waged by the Zionist movement against it and its author ... this book documents how the Israeli state was born in a wave of terror that makes Palestinian guerrilla groups seem like children at play ... it is because the Zionists are unable to attack the message that they are forced to attack the messenger."
Read full review by Tony Greenstein

"Of the publishing of anti-Israel books there is no end ... State of Terror reveals a state of mind that cannot comprehend the return of Jews to their biblical homeland..." 
Read full review by Jerold Auerbach

"[This book] in my opinion, belongs in the top 5 most invaluable books on the history of modern Palestine ... [it] is Palestine’s Yad Vashem."
Read full review by Dr Vacy Vlazna


Ilan Pappé, Historian, Author, and Professor, University of Exeter
“A tour de force, based on diligent archival research that looks boldly at the impact of Zionism on Palestine and its people in the first part of the 20th century. The book is the first comprehensive and structured analysis of the violence and terror employed by the Zionist movement and later the state of Israel against the people of Palestine. Much of the su ering we witness today can be explained by, and connected to, this formative period covered thoroughly in this book.”

Baroness Jenny Tonge
"I thought I knew a fair bit about the Middle East after all the years I've been involved in its politics but this book came as an eye-opener. I realised how ignorant I was, not of the events since the establishment of Israel but of the terror campaign that led up to it. Everyone who has ever accepted Israel’s own account of its history should read this book... It should change them forever."

Cynthia McKinney, former US Congresswoman, and 2008 Presidential candidate of the Green Party
"In this fresh and compelling new book, Suárez cuts through the lies that shield Israel at America’s expense, exposing the reality of the 'conflict' through the simple act of documenting why a tolerant, multi-cultural Palestine became the battleground it is today."

Articles about this book

Jonathan Cook:  Israel, Zionism and the smearing of critics
"As Suarez’s book reveals in shocking detail, any means were seen as legitimate by the Zionists, including violence and terrorism against Palestinian civilians, the British, and even fellow Jews, in their efforts to drive out the native population. ... This is archival history that has been intentionally forced down the memory hole – by Zionist organisations, by Israel and by British officials – for very good reason. It risks reminding us that Israel emerged out of an unholy alliance between, on the one hand, British anti-semites and colonial officials and, on the other, Jewish ethnic supremacists who had adopted for themselves the ugly ideology of Europe’s racial nationalists."
Read full article

Washington Report for Middle East Affairs
Waging Peace / On Sept. 20, 2017 the Jerusalem Fund in Washington, DC welcomed Thomas Suarez to discuss his book, State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel (available from AET’s Middle East Books and More). Mohamad Mohamad, executive director of the Jerusalem Fund, introduced Suarez, a London-based writer and a former faculty member of Palestine’s National Conservatory of Music. 
Read full article


House of Lords investigates and dismisses a complaint  (March 2017)
Suárez rebuttal, with link to House of Lords paper & complaint

Yisrael Medad critique of the book  (September, 2017)
Suárez rebuttal, with link to original

David Collier & Jonathan Hoffman critique of the book  (September, 2017)
Suárez rebuttal, with link to original

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