Global Vision 2000 Eschatology Conference
London November 2017

Tony Gosling

Obsessed with Thermonuclear weapons? Same nuclear reaction as on the surface of the sun - can one compare modern nuke advocates to ancient pagan sun worshippers?

The first nuclear bomb design was discussed in June 1939 at Birmingham Nuffield University them presented in memo form in May 1940 by exiles Austrian Otto Frisch and German Rudolf Peierls

1950s – the heady days of CND and Aldermaston protests are long gone - Mon. Bruce Kent says it was infiltrated

News media - nervous system of humanity

Today's oligarchy - posing as democracy - New World Order ridiculed in NATO zone corporate media, not everywhere else - in Russian MSM for example.

News: Senate committee questions Trump's nuclear authority

Reuters – Tuesday, November 14. 2017

Democrats made clear they were concerned about Trump.

“We are concerned that the president of the United States is so unstable, is so volatile, has a decision-making process that is so quixotic, that he might order a nuclear weapons strike that is wildly out of step with U.S. national security interests,” Senator Chris Murphy said.

During the hearing, retired General Robert Kehler, former commander of U.S. Strategic Command, said the military can refuse to follow what it considers an illegal order, even a nuclear one. But it was not clear after questions from committee members how that process would work.

UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Adopted by UN General Assembly with two-thirds majority in July 2017.

UN General Assembly in New York on 20th September 2017, boycotted by US, UK and France

Illustrates the UN's great flaw - Security Council not bound by General Assembly.

16,000 nuclear warheads

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute there are currently around 16,000 nuclear weapons in the world, with approximately 1,800 of them kept in a state of ‘high operational alert’. 

Perhaps even more worrying, is the fact that all nine nuclear-possessing nations, are either upgrading their existing nuclear weapons systems or working to develop new ones, according to SIPRI.

Sun 13 Sep 2015 -a-future-nuclear-winter/6758122

1993 journalist: USSR nuclear weapons for sale on black market

The Cook Report episode, Dirty Bomb, aired on ITV Tuesday evening 13th July 1993 - Roger Cook buys weapons grade plutonium & takes 'dirty bomb' to New York - Offered SS-20 = 3 x 150KT, range 3,400 miles, each warhead 10 x Hiroshima bomb

8-12 million fatalities in nuclear exchange

According to a 2002 estimate by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a worst-case scenario in an Indo-Pakistani nuclear war could result in eight to 12 million fatalities initially, followed by many millions later from radiation poisoning. More recent studies have shown that up to a billion people worldwide might be put in danger of famine and starvation by the smoke and soot thrown into the troposphere in a major nuclear exchange in South Asia. The resulting “nuclear winter” and ensuing crop loss would functionally add up to a slowly developing global nuclear holocaust.

Effects of nuclear winter

SIPRI: temperature plunges 40 degrees Celsius globally for several months

After 3 years 6 degrees colder, 5 years 3 degrees colder, 20 years 1 degree colder

Expert opinion on use of nukes: Stephen Gardiner

Stephen Gardiner: Professor of Anthropology, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Former Nuclear Weapons Launch Officer.

There is “No possibility of an accidental detonation”.

Probable use: the domino effect

“Even after war games and scenarios have been played out, through my entire life, no one really has a clue what will happen.”

Initial limited exchange – may result in further nuclear exchange months or years later

Inherent temptation to use nuclear weapons if

·         no fear of retaliation

·         diplomatic channels have broken down

·         military advantage

·         temptation of ‘instant victory’

Main dangers

Pre-emptive strike because military commanders believe ‘other side’ about to launch – doesn’t have to be actual attack – just credible intelligence that an attack is due

False flag nuclear attack gives true aggressor distinct short-term military advantage

Signs of the End Times

2015 - Russia intervene in Syria on the Road To Damascus - Midrash?

In other news

Sep 2017: China’s President Xi declares himself 'infallible', laughing at the flag or during national anthem a crime punishable with up to three years in prison

Apostasy – law and media lead public away from Christian faith

MI5 Illuminati symbol

Apostasy – leaders encourage deliberate and open rebellion against Christian teaching

Schools teaching Theory of Evolution as a fact – no creation counterbalance

Leisure time vastly reduced – no time to go to Mosque, Church or Synagogue

Fornication – sex outside marriage – normalised

Religious broadcasting marginalised by being segregated then shrunk

Explosion in sport - which encourages physical prowess over spiritual or intellectual

Law begins to criminalise those who live their lives by Christian conscience

Christian leaders deliberately discredit the faith by anti Christian policies and actions

Counterfeit kingdom – Orwellian language – pliable stooges placed in power – policy decided out of sight

Albert Pike 1871 letter to Mazzini, West Masons vs China Triads (C18) WWIII soon?

Monarchy and government - slow transition over generations from Christian, to pseudo-Christian, to Atheist, to Antichristian - ready for the antichrist

'God made it that way' creation science - taboo in corporate media

The anomalous solidification of water keeps fish and other creatures alive

Q: though size in sky is IDENTICAL, how many times further away from the earth is the moon than the sun? A: 400

Every day we wake up to the promise of a new day - or new life - no night in heaven

Where to look in the Bible for End Times prophecy

Jesus: Olivet discourse - Matthew 24

Jesus: The dead will be raised - John 5:28-29

Jesus: Final judgement - Luke 12:2-3

Jesus: all secrets will be revealed - Luke 12:2-3

Jesus: There will be no Temple in the New Jerusalem - Revelation 21:22

'Watch therefore, for thee know not at what hour thy Lord doth come' Matthew 24:42

The internet and budget air travel: 'Explosion of knowledge and freedom of travel'. Daniel 12:4 - But what will humanity do with these new found freedoms?

Eschatology: the A, B and C

Four horsemen begin the End Times 'Tribulation' - a clear sign to believers - they are the breaking of the first four seals

Timothy R. Philips describes it thus: ‘The deafening sound of enemy tanks and the roar of enemy planes overhead are not welcome sounds – no matter who you are. No one looks forward to their community being invaded and ravaged by enemy troops. The same was true in the first century, in the apostle John’s day. The sound of galloping enemy horses – the sound of horses hooves hitting the ground – inspired fear. These were the ominous sounds of the enemy’s approach. So when John began describing four horsemen who would unleash judgement upon the earth, the familiar but awful sound of approaching horses would have been ringing in his readers’ ears.’

White horseman - a false Christ is launched onto the world stage?

Red horseman - world war

Black horseman - financial crash

Pale horseman - famine and disease

Zoom in on the Black Horse - mortgage (French for 'death grip') is the grip of death - heaps of evidence from professional economists  - wage slavery means individuals and families live in a 'financial cage' being forced to limit their activities, choices and imagination based on how much a particular decision will cost - at the heart of one's soul the replacement of personal or moral values by financial values - those who are in it deny they are prisoners

Scenes and characters in the drama

Jesus refers us to Daniel (Matthew 24: 15) Daniel's 'seventy weeks' (Daniel 9: 20-27) Restoration of secular state of Israel, to true Abrahamic Israel - pro-Balfour declaration?

Seven year period - three and a half years of war - peace treaty - breaks down after another three and a half years when we get - Armageddon (Daniel 9: 24-27)

God's Two Witnesses - anyone who tries to harm them will be killed - then they're killed but brought back to life and seen to ascend into heaven

Antichrist: political leader with global aspirations referred to as 'the beast'. Number of his name is 666. 'Prince of evil', Jesus' rival; recovers from a fatal wound (Revelation 13: 3, 14),  born from a 'great lineage of rebellion (2 Thessalonians 2: 3, 7). His 'self-deification begins the tribulation; dedicated to opposing God, denies The Father and The Son, persecutes believers, terrorises God's people, man of sin, defiles the rebuilt Jerusalem temple. A powerful political figure whom not even most nations can oppose.

Abomination of Desolation - what is it? Nuclear weapons cause desolation. Robot that fights nuclear war? Kills many people by high-tech menas? The 'Disgusting Thing' replaces daily sacrifice in the Temple - Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11-12

Image of the Beast: a statue of 'the beast or antichrist' appears to come to life, man-made consciousness? Through artificial intelligence technology? Is this the transhumanists' 'singularity'?

Mark of the Beast: personal payment/identity microchip imposed on pain of death, either in the forehead for the elite transhumanist class, or right hand for the worker class. Without it one cannot buy or sell goods or services

False Prophet or 'second beast'; seduces the world into worshiping the antichrist; antichrist's 'sidekick' performs 'miracles' including causing idols to speak

The Book of Revelation: dictated by Apostle John, published 95AD

John was exiled from Ephesus to Patmos by Emperor Diocletian – lots of denials of all these facts in the modern era. John's scribe who wrote the book down for the old fellow was (now Saint) Prochoros

Attempts to remove the book of Revelation from the Bible: 340, Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem; 364, Council of Laodicea; 375, Gregory Nazianzen, Bishop of Constantinople; 380, Philastrius, Bishop of Brixia in Venice.

1.      Seven seals of havoc

2.      144,000 of God’s children are marked out for protection

3.      Seven trumpets of judgement

4.      Satan and his angels are cast out of heaven - onto the earth

5.      Seven plagues, or vials, or bowls of wrath

6.      Battle of Armageddon - Christ's second coming - Antichrist is defeated

Earthly power is a dangerous drug

Lady Macbeth as a case study: what attracts people to power? Insecurity, lack of faith in God, dogged adherence to the idea that there is no God, adherence to the 'charm' of wealthy and powerful individuals, material wealth, 'I am important', ego.

God's system is kingship or feudal – permanence – no fear of being removed - akin to an owner occupier farmer rather than a tenant

Man's system is Plato's or Roman republic – rule by committee in sham ‘democracy’

Long-term project to acquire vast wealth, control nations, ultimately humanity

Secret societies, formalised cult of 'adepts', qualified to rule, sworn to secrecy

Dionne Fortune explains relationship between the Occult and Mysticism in her book 'The Esoteric Orders and Their Work' (1928)

The Occult - secret society or religious cult machinations behind the scenes e.g. - gang-stalking - techniques of covert assassination or murder - suicidings - smearing through the press - destruction of a person or family's individual wealth by legal means - 'accidents will happen'. Government of entire nation through secret committees of the powerful, e.g. police and intelligence chiefs, newspaper and TV station owners, bankers, political party chiefs such as that exposed in Licio Geli's Grand Orient Freemasonry 'P2' lodge, revealed on 26th May 1981 in Italy causing the entire cabinet to resign.

Secrecy maintained by oaths forfeiting ones life to the will of the lodge or coven on joining. Blood-oath initiation similar or identical in both witchcraft and Freemasonry. Secretive wealth funds such as Bristol's Society of Merchant Venturers, formed under Royal Charter by the families who successfully 'discovered' North America, through arranging John Cabot's trip in 1497, use identical office titles to Freemasonry, Master, Senior Warden (next year's Master), Junior Warden (Master the year after next) etc.

Jesus puts it clearly and strongly in Matthew 4: 33-37, 'Never swear an oath, simply let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no'. Anything else comes from the devil.

Mysticism - posing as God - counterfeit spirituality, with its own agenda - subtle introduction of the occult way of seeing things to individuals, groups and the world at large through fortune tellers, oracles, astrologers, 'spiritualism' and misinterpretation of more mainstream faiths through cult-like societies such as The Moonies, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Freemasons, Nuevo Acropolis and Scientology.

1118-1312 Knights Templar - mass arrests in France on Friday 13th October 1308 -  above national law - bound only by Vatican laws. Knights Templar Esquin de Floyan, Bernard Pelet and Gérard de Byzol were not tortured under the Inquisition, they were whistleblowers brought to the French King Philip the Fair mid 1307 who confessed their secret initiation which involved ‘spitting on the cross’, ‘denying Christ three times’,  variously 'worshipping an ebony skull which could save their souls’ or 'worshipping the head of the first Grand Master, who made us and has not left us' (presumably Hugo de Payens) and kissing the posterior of the Grand Master. The aim of the order was 'to enrich itself by all means'.

1348 - English Order of the Garter formed 36 years later under Edward III - 26 'knights' or two lodges/covens surrounding the British Monarchy and immediate heirs to the throne.  'World's oldest 'order of chivalry'.


The elite already have more wealth and power than they could ever spend - once they have acquired control of all corporate media and political parties what then? The transhumanist thinking, led by head of engineering at Google Ray Kurtzweil, sees men taking command of creation, through artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, and becoming gods.

Author David Livingstone: 'Transhumanism, the History of a Dangerous Idea' (2015).


  • Genetically modify humans to 'programme out' aging, end death (for the elite's children only?)
  • The 'singularity' when the first artificial intelligence computer, by mimicking the brain's neural networks, achieves 'consciousness'

Can we prepare for the Tribulation?

Barter - Fasting - Vegetarianism

Disconnect from Babylon - money - rent – get out of the invisible cage

Inspiration and guidance through prayer

Proper prayer, silent, spoken, alone or in groups. 'Heavenly father Yahweh..,..if it be your will in Yeshuah's name. Let it be.'

Spiritually protect self and home by praying in covering with the blood of Jesus Christ

History of Christian faith and the Church

325 – Council of Nicea agrees books to be in the Bible and when Easter should be celebrated

1054 – The great schism – break between churches of Rome (Catholic) and Constantinople (Orthodox)

1095-1272 – Nine Crusades – begun by bull of pope Urban II

1118 – Knights Templar formed by Hugo De Payens - first multinational bank, London Strand, Bristol Temple Meads, Jerusalem etc.

1164 – The forged ‘letter of Prester John’ is circulated to encourage participation in the crusades

1204 – Siege and sacking of Byzantine empire’s Constantinople in fourth crusade by Templar Rome

1312 – Knights Templar Dissolved by Philip the Fair of France, Grand Master Jack De Molay executed.

1348 – Edward III occult Order of the Garter formed, 26 knights = 2 covens.

1520 – Martin Luther in Germany, saved by faith not deeds doctrine, 2nd great schism

1535-40 – Dissolution of the Monasteries (privatisation) by Henry VIII, affected 900 monastic communities, 9000 monks & nuns, £90,000 per year extra for the King.

1642-49 – English Civil War, merchant vs. feudal classes. Merchants won, enclosure accelerates rapidly.

1649 – Diggers, Gerrard Winstanley, 'Earth is a common treasury for all', Death penalty for buying & selling, feeing a lawyer & murder, 1652 'The Law of Freedom in a Platform', Quaker, first communists?

1759 – Hell Fire Club, Medmenham Abbey near High Wycombe, monks of Medmenham satanic orgies, Francis Dashwood chancellor of the exchequer 1762-63, cuts, very unpopular

1776 – Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, professor of church law Indoldtstadt university in Germany. 1793: Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the religions and governments of Europe by John Robison. 1798: Code of the Iluminees by Abbe Barruel.

1782 – 16th July to 29th August - Wilhemsbad Masonic Congress, Illuminati takeover

1784 – Weishaupt sacked but moves to Gotha to receive support from Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg

1789 – French revolution, Templars revenge, atheist Grand Orient freemasonry

1798-1811 – Frankfurt Jewish banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild sons go to found banks in London (Nathan), Paris, (Jacob), Naples (Carl), Vienna (Solomon).

1871 – Albert Pike letter to Mazzini – US/Russian revolution and three world wars

1917 – Balfour declaration commits British Empire to providing land for Zionists in Palestine

1951 – Fraudulent Mediums Act – sorcery and Witchcraft is no longer a UK crime

1960 – Adolf Eichmann detained in Buenos Aires May 1960, tried in Tel-Aviv, executed June 1962, Mossad general Iser Harel, who led the raid, is sacked.

1963 – November – assassination of U.S. president John F Kennedy by CIA, FBI, LBJ & Chicago mob

Further reading

The End Times Bible (1989) - notes by Timothy R. Philips

Proofs of Conspiracy Against All Religions Governments of Europe, by John Robison

Op JB by Christopher Creighton (1996) - Martin Bormann, Berlin to England

Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile (1983) Paul Manning - Argentina/Paraguay activities

Transhumanism, the History of a Dangerous Idea, David Livingstone

Global Vision 2000 Eschatology Conference

London December 2019

Jerusalem in prophecy in the old and new testaments – primarily Daniel and Revelation

Tony Gosling



Whether described as eschatology, end times or the Tribulation The Bible makes it clear
that there will be a ‘final showdown’ between God and the devil. The fact that the outcome is a forgone conclusion in God’s favour doesn’t mean that many millions of souls won’t be conned into getting behind the devil’s ranks and believing they are fighting on the side of right.

Teaching, heresy and doctrine here becomes crucial as does the interpretation of events as they happen, particularly with regard to Israel, and whether or not they have been Biblically prophesied. Yahweh, God of the Old and New Testament, exists outside time as we know it. Therefore he is in a position reveal the future to genuine prophets whenever he chooses. The question becomes: which prophets are genuine?

Unpunished tyranny does appear to rule this world, yet God is, for the most part, silent and invisible. So the purpose of revealed prophecy should be clear, it is an unfolding of God’s love for his people through reassurance, bringing purpose and meaning to a world which can be difficult to make sense of.


Eschatological passages in The Bible

Daniel 9 – Daniel provides a timeline of world history and end time events in his vision of the seventy sets of seven time periods.

Matthew 24 – Jesus tells his followers about the signs that will mark the end times.

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 – Paul describes the resurrection at Jesus’ second coming.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 – Paul describes the man of sin who will appear during the end times.

2 Timothy 3:1-4 – Paul offers a telling description of society during the last days.

1 John 2:18-27 – John warns us about the antichrist.

Revelation 1-22 - John examines the failings and successes of the churches and describes his eye-popping vision of what will occur during the end times, what the next world will be like, the antichrist and much more.


The Crusades

1054 – The ‘Great Schism’

1095 – Crusades begin, Urban II papal bull launches first crusade

1118 – Knights Templar financial/military cult is formed

1165 – Faked Vatican ‘Letter of Prester John’ drums up support for flagging crusades

1204 – Templar siege and ruthless sacking of orthodox Constantinople

1272 – Ninth and final crusade

1290 – Fake Jewish ‘Zohar’ book of Cabbala mysticism published

1307, Fri 13 Oct – All French Knights Templar arrested by King Philip IV

1314 – Templars, with their 5000 knights, dissolved by Pope Clement V

1348 – Katherine countess of Salisbury and Edward III create Order of the Garter. 24 knights x 2 = 2 covens of witches


1642-1649 - English Civil War

The English civil war is a much understood turning point in history. It set Britain on course to spread the Christian gospel all over the world through the biggest empire the world has yet seen, but that empire was at heart exploitative and manipulative. As with many important such events, whilst specific English civil war battles and executions are well known, history appears to have been ‘engineered’ to obscure its cause and effect.


Privatisation of land, or enclosure, proved very lucrative for the English merchant classes in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Formerly ‘open field’ arable land was turned over to sheep grazing, which supplied the lucrative wool trade and required virtually no human labour.

The human cost though was enormous and, urged by their Archbishops of Canterbury, several kings tried to restrain the practice with Depopulation Acts which, because enclosure was so lucrative, proved largely ineffective. In the 1630s King Charles I began imposing compositions, or fines, on enclosing landowners, some retrospectively, making the merchant classes determined to overthrow the king.

Cromwell’s plot to kill the king

By 1648 the war had been won by the City of London and merchants’ faction, the roundheads, and the king had been captured. But the war had been a plot, and Cromwell knew if Charles was allowed to live eventually Cromwell’s head would be on the chopping block for treason.

According to a manuscript compiled from papers collected from English civil war exiles in France, in 1648 Oliver Cromwell forms a ‘Masonic lodge’ during a four day retreat at a rural manor house. The group of influential people of all political persuasions soon reconvene in King Street rooms, off St. James’ Square where initiates take oaths of secrecy under a great painting of Solomon’s temple.

The real aim of the group is to spy on all factions so as to orchestrate the judicial execution Charles I all detailed in Abbé Larudan’s account, 'Les Franc-Maçons Ecrasés', or The Freemasons Crushed (1746)


This was the first takeover of an entire nation by the merchant classes, and some would say their cult-like business incorporations. The City of London, through Apprentice Boy thugs and Trained Band militias, played a key part in the plot to force the king to leave London.

Privatisation of land accelerated and hundreds of thousands were evicted from their traditional lands being forced to work for wages in the new factories which were springing up as part of first the agricultural, then the industrial revolutions.

Britain became the first country in the world to go for mass urbanisation and was therefore in a position to produce the ships and arms needed for colonisation. In 1694 the private Bank of England is incorporated and soon introduces fractional reserve banking. In 1712 the last witch is condemned to death in England, Jane Wenham.

Speculative (no stone cutting skills needed) Freemasonry is openly acknowledged for the first time in 1717. This seals the enormous change in the governance of Britain the civil war brought about, the Order of the Garter perhaps, a governance by secret committee, surrounding and hemming in the monarch.


Albert Pike’s plan and Lord Palmerston

1871, 15 Aug – Albert Pike publishes 'Morals and Dogma'. Corresponds with Italy unifier and Mason Giuseppe Mazzini on US/Russian revolution and three world wars. Final world war in Middle East between Israeli nihilists and Arabs backed by 'atheist' Russia and China, dragging world's great powers into Armageddon.

Role of Freemasonry unpicked by Anton Chaitkin

1875 – Spiritualist Helena Blavatsky founds the Theosophical society in New York City claiming to revive ancient wisdom and a secret tradition of ‘ascended masters’ Publishes ISIS Unveiled (1877) and The Secret Doctrine (1888) revealed to her she says by enlightened ‘mahatmas’.

1878 – British spy Laurence Oliphant whose uncle runs East India Company, sets up 'Palestine Development Company’ (PDC) as precursor for Jewish state.

1886 – Sir Charles Warren founds London's Quatuor Coronati No. 2076 Freemason 'research' Lodge - which goes on to promote and fund Astrology, Order of the Golden Dawn (Crowley's gang), B’nai Brith, Theosophy and fake Muslim groups based around Sufism. Also German Thule Society which promotes Nazi myth of German supremacy through glorifying role of Teutonic Knights who threatened Russia

Karl Marx and the socialist international

1867 – Karl Marx publishes Das Kapital – a social analysis and ‘socialist’ project of Christian morals but within an atheist ethical framework. Setting the stge for a rolling programme of ‘Socialist International’ conferences to bind together Marxists from all over the world to transform the planet for the good of all.

Italian ‘super-fascism’ and the fascist international

1934 – Italian ‘super-fascist’ Julius Evola publishes ‘Revolt Against the Modern World’


The Rapture

Deliberate mistranslations of The Bible

False versions of the three monotheistic faiths

Multi-faith and Prince Charles’ man-made ‘New Age’ religion

Terry Melanson declares ‘Albert Pike letter’ to be a fake


The Nazi man-god

The Pan European Union

1923 – Pan European Union is formed in Munich by ‘Paneuropa’ manifesto author Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

The Nazi party

1920 - Formation of the Nazi party, or NSDAP, in Munich Germany by group including Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Ernst Rohm, Dietrich Eckart Anton Drexler, Gottfried Feder, Hans Frank and the Nazi party's 'spiritual father' Alfred Rosenberg.

With the economic turmoil ‘ground’ already laid by the pernicious 1919 Versailles treaty, signed in the palace’s ‘Hall of Mirrors’, Adolf Hitler is launched as Germany’s saviour surrounded by the violent nationalistic culture of Wagner and Nietzsche.

Exterminating Europe’s Rabbinic tradition

Although individuals such as Adolf Eichmann and Reinhard Heydrich are better known as architects of the Holocaust it was in fact Hitler’s private secretary Martin Bormann who arranged the notorious January 1942 Wannsee conference where the final solution to the Jewish question was officially adopted.

Winston Churchill and the looted wealth of Nazi occupied Europe

At the end of the war between 1-11 May 1945 Martin Bormann is believed to have been rescued from Berlin by a squad of Royal Navy commandos under the authority of James Bond author Ian Fleming. Bormann is thought to have been the sole signatory of over one billion dollars worth of loot from the Nazi occupation of Europe. Winston Churchill and Alan Dulles were in a position to negotiate for this in exchange for safe passage and a new identity for Bormann.


The Stephen Sizer Jerusalem hypothesis

Roadmap to Armageddon

  1. Homeland for the Jews in Palestine
  2. Jerusalem as capital of Israel
  3. Jerusalem for Jews only
  4. Rebuilding of Solomon’s temple and demolition of Al Aqsa Mosque
  5. World War Three escalates between Iran, Israel, Russia, United States and China

Decoding some of The Bible’s eschatological assumptions

Seven year period? - three and a half years of war - peace treaty - breaks down after another three and a half years when we get - Armageddon (Daniel 9: 24-27)

The beast or antichrist, key political ‘kindly’ Hitler-like figure

Antichrist: number of his name is 666, 'Prince of Evil', Jesus' rival; recovers from a fatal wound (Revelation 13: 3, 14),  from 'great lineage of rebellion (2 Thessalonians 2: 3, 7) 'self-deification begins Tribulation; dedicated to opposing God, denies Father and Son, persecutes believers, terrorises God's people, man of sin, defiles the rebuilt Jerusalem temple. Powerful political figure whom not even most nations can oppose.

The Mark of the beast – in right hand or forehead implies two classes of people – intellectual and worker – with different rights. This is a formalisation of the system which already exists between the elite who have more money than they know what to do with and everybody else who clamour for an income to fulfil their basic needs such as food, sleep and shelter. Imposed as necessary for personal payments and digital identity via RFID microchip on threat of destitution because without it one cannot buy or sell goods or services.

Image of the beast: a statue of 'the beast or antichrist' appears to come to life, man-made consciousness through artificial intelligence technology? Transhumanism? Google Engineering chief Ray Kurtzweil's 'singularity'? Antichrist's 'Abomination of Desolation' - 'Disgusting Thing' replaces daily sacrifice in the Temple - Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11-12

False Prophet or 'second beast'; the antichrist’s high priest, seduces the world into worshiping the antichrist; antichrist's 'sidekick' performs 'miracles' including causing idols to speak

God's Two Witnesses - anyone who tries to harm them will be killed - then they're killed but brought back to life and seen to ascend into heaven

The Synagogue of Satan

Referred to in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 – Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of sata, which say they are jews and are not, but do lie; behold I will make them to come and worship before thy fee, and to know that I have loved thee.

Mystery Babylon - the cult of Semiramis, Queen of Heaven

Semiramis was the prostitute wife of Babylon’s founder, Nimrod. Of course her prostitute origins could not form part of her story so another one was created for her being the ‘queen of heaven’ who had appeared miraculously.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

White Horse (First seal - Revelation 6:1-2) A pyrrhic military victory witnessed worldwide (Iraq, Libya and Syria?) or simply the ‘White House’?

Red Horse (Second seal - Revelation 6:3-4) A huge World War escalates

Black Horse (Third seal - Revelation 6:5-6) Catastrophic global financial collapse causes horrendous food scarcity, food price inflation sets people against one another.

Pale Horse (Fourth seal - Revelation 6:7-8) A quarter of the world's population is wiped out by disease & famine. Wild animals devour the bodies.

The fate of the USA

Two main factions China and the USA/EU oppose each other today meaning that the next world war could encompass the entire globe. Russia is the only UNSC power outside these blocs and could hold the balance of power. President Putin isd a stabilising influence in the Middle East but if he is attacked by the United States China will likely come in behind Russia.

Triad secret societies have long been powerful in China and the United Staes is undoubtedly heavily influenced by the over promotion of Freemasons. It is entirely possible that both cults are manipulated by the same invisible international faction behind the scenes in order to orchestrate war.

Originally known as the ‘New World’ the military instigator of this WWIII conflict, having been craving to impose New World Order control the globe the USA will be turned to rubble.


The silence of the church and the NGOs

Groups like Christian CND are uninterested in making the links between Biblical prophecy and nuclear war. The Times in the 1970s produced a headline – Most Church of England Vicars do not believe in God - Many Church of England clergy are Freemasons, do not accept miracles and resurrection as fact but see them as poetic.


And I saw no temple therein…

Revelation  21:2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem coming down from God out of Heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband…… 21:22 – And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.


Other literature
The Lord of The Rings – JRR Tolkien deep allusions to Freemasons and Illuminati

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