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Türkiye has launched its long-anticipated largest warship and the world’s first unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) carrier, enhancing its naval capabilities and making the country one of the few nations in the world with a domestically-built aircraft carrier.

At least 230 metres in length and 32 metres wide, the indigenously-built warship is an all-weather behemoth meant to rule the high seas.   The multipurpose assault ship

TCG Anadolu, which will strengthen Türkiye’s political stance and leadership worldwide, symbolises the “Century of Türkiye”, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at the delivery ceremony on Monday in Istanbul.

“TCG Anadolu has the capabilities to conduct military operations in every corner of the world,” Erdogan added. “We will be able to transfer to crisis areas with this ship quickly.”

According to Can Kasapoglu, director of the Security and Defense Research Program at the Istanbul-based think-tank EDAM, “TCG Anadolu is a 30,000-ton tool of defence diplomacy, considering that prestigious warships are among the most valuable diplomatic assets of the country they represent”.

Kasapoglu stated in an analysis for Anadolu Agency that the TCG Anadolu warship will attract international media attention with every port visit, message delivered, and visiting leader hosted on board.

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Here is why the warship is a unique addition to the Turkish military.

Though billed as the world’s first UCAV carrier, the under-development light attack aircraft Hurjet will also be able to land and take off from the warship. In addition, the Turkish UCAVs, Bayraktar TB3 and Kizilelma will provide cutting-edge strike capabilities to the TCG Anadolu.

The world's first UCAV (SIHA) ship TCG Anadolu enters the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. (AA)

Produced within the scope of the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship Project, TCG Anadolu will be able to transfer at least a battalion-sized force to designated locations with its own logistics without the need for home base support.

The vessel has the capacity to transport a maximum of 94 vehicles on its decks, including 13 tanks, 27 armoured amphibious assault vehicles, 6 armoured personnel carriers, 33 other types of vehicles, and 15 trailers.

Ten helicopters or 11 combat drones (UCAV) can be deployed on the flight deck of the ship, and 19 helicopters or 30 combat drones can be transported in the hangar.The warship has a military hospital with a capacity of at least thirty beds, two operating rooms, dental treatment units, intensive care and infection rooms.

The ship’s weapons system, combat management, electronic warfare, infrared search and tracking, electro-optical search, laser warning, torpedo defence systems and radars have been developed locally.

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