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On September 6, 2006, in this moment of the greatest strategic crisis since 1989, the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) will be featuring former U.S. Presidential candidate and noted economist Lyndon H. LaRouche leading a three-hour international webcast, during which he will summarize, and discuss, a fifty-year, positive strategic perspective for dealing immediately with the currently combined, and rapidly worsening threats of economic-financial breakdown-crisis and of generalized asymmetric warfare, now gripping the world system.

LaRouche, who is famous for his unique October 12, 1988 Berlin Kempinski Hotel press conference forecasting the then imminent chain-reaction break-up of the Comecon and ensuing economic crisis of the Soviet system itself, will be speaking from Berlin, again, on September 6 at 16:00 Central European time, to selected international audiences of dignitaries and relevant other persons assembled for this occasion in Berlin and Washington, D.C..

He will be speaking in his capacity as a senior political figure of current significance within the crisis-stricken U.S. political process.

LaRouche's report, to be delivered from Berlin at that time, will focus on the special, global strategic implications for the Federal Republic of Germany's Berlin in its clearly emerging potential role, as a central European hub of long-term, Eurasia-wide cooperation among western and central Europe, Russia, China, and India, in a fifty-year perspective of cooperative mutual development.

The theme of the report will be that U.S., Franklin Roosevelt-style cooperation with a Eurasian economic-development effort, is the visible, positive alternative to the combined, and interrelated, immediate threats of a general breakdown-crisis of the present world monetary-financial system and the generalized asymmetric warfare implied by the presently deteriorating strategic situation in Southwest Asia.

The objective of the Berlin address, is to present a relevant European audience with the existence of such a potential early initiative for cooperation with Eurasian nations from what is admittedly, now, an internally crisis-ridden U.S.A. itself.

LaRouche emphasizes that the presently onrushing breakdown-crisis of the present world monetary-financial system were presently inevitable, unless an early general reorganization of the system brings in actions which will postpone the present disaster for long enough to permit the creation of a new system incorporating the most notable of the successful features of the original intentions for the Bretton Woods system. He emphasizes that solutions to the kinds of combined economic, monetary-financial, and asymmetric-warfare onrushing today can not be negative ones, but must be based, in the spirit of the successful 1648 Westphalian Treaty, on a clear, positive, and long-ranging alternative.

He emphasizes that the mess which the presently combined world economic and conflict crisis represents, could not be solved except through mobilizing a general economic recovery through long-term investments based on one-to-two generation agreements of physical-economic cooperation. For this purpose, the Eurasian continent represents the center of the potential for rising capital formation for world economic development for fifty years to come, and beyond. Cooperation of the U.S.A. with that development is indispensable for the successful launching of such urgently needed perspectives now.

As the Westphalian treaty should remind us, only agreement to a hopeful, feasible, and practical remedy could muster nations and their peoples to turn back the tide against a menace of rising mutual hatreds as grave and immediate as that threatening the world as a whole today. To bring people, who have been brought to hate one another increasingly, to peaceful cooperation, the effort must flow from the clear perception of great advantages in the common interest of them all. The economic recovery of a presently gravely endangered planet as a whole, is the needed perception for conquering the presently onrushing and accelerating, existential crisis of our planet today.


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