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A Modern History of State-Fabricated Terror
Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom    

Published by Lightning Source UK
Reviewed by Dr.James Thring 
This diligently researched, colourfully illustrated set of accounts would be highly rated  and in huge  demand if it were a novel.   And it would be even more popular as its revelations about terror attacks contradict official stories.  But it is not a novel and it is not yet acclaimed because it reveals the terror attacks were not by Muslims but by much more insidious and powerful conspirators in Israel’s Mossad,  the CIA and MI6.   

15 terror attacks in Europe were under ‘false flags’, from the bomb at Israel’s London Embassy in 1994, to the Westminster Bridge attack in 2017.  The ‘false flag’ tag derives from Lord Cecil’s tactic to sabotage the Spanish Armada by sailing into Cadiz flying ‘friendly’ Dutch flags which blew up amongst the preparatory Spanish fleet, delaying its launch.  Guy Fawkes’ plot is cited as a false flag attempt to blame Catholics for blowing up Parliament after Catholicism was out-lawed by Henry VIII turning England Protestant so he could behead his Catholic wife.

Muslims are blamed for ‘terrorism’ under false flags, to stir up Islamophobia.  This helps Israel attack Palestinians and their Muslim supporters with alacrity. By stealth, the Muslim world  has been cast as an ‘enemy of the West’ as incited in Samuel Huntington’s ‘The Clash of Civilizations’.  This has emboldened Israeli lobbyists in the three main Parties in the UK and USA, to frog-march our forces to fight their wars and decimate Muslim nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria at our expense and to our detriment.  Those countries harboured Palestinian refugees and tried to counter Zionist massacres.  Israel plotted to infiltrate Muslim nations with agents provocateurs to sow dissent and bring down governments.  The ‘Arab Spring’ was an arm of this strategy, aided by George Soros’s ‘Foundation for Democracy’.  Even if you prefer the ‘Muslims-did-it’ theory, these revelations give pause for doubt.

The relevance to Nationalism is that we, and most nations, are being incredibly deceived: Deceived by the media that Muslims are ‘the enemy,’ to be regarded with suspicion, ostracized, denied positions and jobs; deceived that Zionism is ‘friendly’ not to be criticized; and deceived into assuming that terrorism is Islamic when, generally, it is bred in Israel.  Israel founded 
itself terrorizing Palestinians from their ancient homeland. Three of its Prime Ministers led Zionist terror gangs, like Hagana and Irgun.  They terrorized the British Army out of Palestine, murdering thousands and blowing up our HQ in Jerusalem in 1946. They dressed as  Palestinians to dupe us to punish them. Our withdrawal left Zionists to escalate their Genocide of the Palestinians and devastate neighbouring nations. Jez Turner courageously Memorialized British casualties at the Cenotaph in 2017 but was also terrorized by Zionist extremists shouting “kill him, kill him” and even getting him unjustly imprisoned for ‘racial hatred’.  It is Zionist attacks on innocent people which create hatred, not the exposing of  their crimes.
Deception of our governments to limit all our freedoms is a weapon of Zionist repression; denying free speech, justice and the sanctity of peace treaties. The outrageous deception that ‘Muslims’ orchestrated the ‘9-11’ attacks in 2001 (see Kollerstrom’s ‘Who Did ‘9-11’?’), exemplifies how such propaganda twists minds of leaders like Bush and Blair, fooled by hoax threats, like Saddam’s absent WMD, thus inflicting wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.  Those wars were unlawful, based on fake data from Mossad, as indicated by its ex-officer, Victor Ostrovsky in ‘The Other Side of Deception’, by ex-CIA intern Susan Lindauer in her testimony ‘Extreme Prejudice’ and by Italian President Francesco Cossiga. They benefitted only Israel.

Immigration of large numbers of any foreigners in a short period generates friction.  The influx of Muslims since 1991 largely stems from joining those US-Israeli wars driving out terrified families. Any religion that instils new customs is fearsome. But Islam’s codes of behaviour are similar to ours; outlawing usury, extortion, dishonesty, lewdness, homosexuality, same-sex marriage and major crimes such as murder and unprovoked war.  Instead, we are gradually succumbing to Old Testament, Talmudic codes espoused by High Priests of Judaism, such as deception, sexual deviance, miscegenation, murder and war.  That self-serving code is little known, consequently rarely condemned and thus more easily imposed on an unsuspecting public.  The power of their lobby is exposed by persistent cries of ‘anti-Semitism’   (a misnomer for ‘anti-Zionism’) desecrating the Labour Party for criticising Israeli atrocities.  Other Parties are similarly subverted, as is the media and thus the public mind generally, 
by the Anti-Defamation League, funded by billions of Jewish dollars, as Whitney Webb‘s research on the Epstein files reveals in ‘Mega Group: Maxwell & Mossad’

Israelis have been guilty of false flag attacks, blaming Muslims, since the fake state was conceived and violently planted in the God-forsaken country of Palestine.  In the ‘Six-Day War’  in 1973, Israelis even bombed the unarmed US ship, The Liberty, blaming Egypt, inciting the US to devastate another State friendly to Palestine. Nuclear-armed bombers took off for Cairo but were luckily re-called after Russia revealed the truth to Washington.  Here we summarize more of Kollerstrom’s crucial discoveries.

Israel staged the bombing of its London Embassy in 1994.  Nobody was in at the time; CCTV lapsed; MI6 was warned; evidence was spirited away; the trial was in camera and crucial documents still withheld under Public Interest Immunity claims. Is this to protect our ‘public interest’ or Israel’s?  Two Palestinians were sentenced to 9 years on fake charges and had nothing to gain from the attack.  Instead it helped Israel denigrate Palestinians and ‘justify’ more horrific attacks on them.

The Madrid train disaster in 2004 involved 10 bombs on four trains.  Police ‘found’ an unexploded bomb full of nuts and bolts inferring all the bombs were similar.  But none of the  191 killed, nor the 1,800 injured, had nuts or bolts injuries.  Here are six of 12 hints that events were staged: The extra bomb was in a van with a Koran and Muslim passports, detonators and a video in Arabic. Would the bombers be so foolish as to leave their details?  By coincidence, NATO held an anti-terror exercise the day before, but reports of it were ‘classified’.  No CCTV showed the ‘bombers’ at any station.  The explosive was military-grade. 24 of the 29 alleged perpetrators were police informers, as El Mundo reported six weeks later. Two of the suicides’ bodies were later found in a swimming pool with explosive belts. Too many questions to assert guilt.

The London Tube and bus bombs in 2005 had similar oddities; a ‘terror drill’ to test the emergency services was being run simultaneously in the same locations (see panel); a Koran was found with an extra bomb containing shrapnel, whereas victims had no shrapnel injuries; crucial CCTV was missing.  It did show the alleged bombers at Luton station but Kollerstrom discovered the train they needed to be at Kings Cross before the bombing, was cancelled.   A carriage floor was blown up from below.  One ‘suicide bomber’ was shown to the Inquest  at four locations. Two were later shot by police at Canary Wharf.   Israeli Foreign Minister, Netanyahu, in London for a Tel Aviv Economic Summit that day, was warned of attacks and stayed in his hotel.  Surveillance on the Underground is by Israeli companies Verint Systems and ICTS. Former Mossad agent, Juval Aviv, let slip in an interview; “It’s easy to put a bomb as we did…[then correcting himself] - as happened -  in London.” (p.79).  He is the central character in Spielberg’s ‘Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team’.  Several other pointers are drawn to Israel’s foreknowledge of the events and to its abilities  to undertake them and predict a suitable reaction.

Breivik’s attacks in Norway in 2011 also had Israeli links. Anders Breivik was a Zionist.  His stated motive was; ‘too many Muslims were flooding into Norway’. He also condemned Marxism and multiculturalism. In this we would concur. His manifesto said: “So let us fight with Israel, our Zionist brothers, against all Marxists/multi-culturalists.” But Zionism is only anti-multi-culturalism for Israel, other nations must endure it.  His victims were Labour Youth chanting “Boycott and Sanction Israeli goods”. Norway’s Foreign Minister concurred. Norway brokered the Oslo Accord between Israel and Palestine in 1993 for a Palestinian State and an end to Occupation. Netanyahu reneged on this plan in his 1996 policy; ‘A Clean Break’ [from Oslo].   So Breivik may have had a little help using military-grade explosive to blow up Norwegian government offices, and in rushing to Utoya Island to kill young activists, as suggested by Richard Cottrell in ‘Gladio; NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe’.  CCTV images were again scarce until two months later, after many were erased. 

The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby was blamed on a Muslim with a machete. But Kollerstrom went to great trouble to check photos questioning: Why no blood from the severed head?  And; Why the killers stayed on the scene until Police arrived?  Whatever conclusion one draws there are enough unanswered questions to doubt the official story. 

The Paris Charlie Hebdo plot on 7th Jan. 2015 was after France’s Parliament voted to  recognise Palestine, requiring Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders. “Did Netanyahu decide  to teach France an anti-Islam lesson?” Kollerstrom asks, and then queries some reports.  The Hebdo office was empty.  The magazine was in debt by Euro 200,000, tellingly bailed out by  Edward de Rothschild. But an estranged member of that family asserted to columnist Lasha Darkmoon that the bombers were not Muslims but Mossad agents, Avigdor and Maloch.  One, though disguised, left an Arab identity card in the getaway car, abandoned outside a patisserie frequented by Zionists. The Police Chief reporting the incident was found dead the next day. Jean-Marie le Pen concluded it was the work of Western intelligence. His house was later set on fire.  Israeli IBA TV happened to be on the roof covering the incident.  The pro-Zionist CH magazine was vulgarly anti-Islam and anti-Christian. The Jewish Shomrim police in fake Met Police cars, as exposed by Jez Turner, patrolled London on the following days, no doubt  hunting ‘anti-Semites’.

The Bataclan Theatre had just been sold by Zionists before it was bombed on Nov.13th.  After the Hebdo event an Anti-Terror Bill authorized almost unlimited surveillance on-line, plus a form of martial law with thousands of troops on French streets.  Terrorists would be even less likely to evade all this than before without State complicity.  Judge Trevedic predicted two months before the first attack; “The attacks in France will be on a scale comparable to ‘9-11’” (Paris Match, Oct. 2015).  As on ‘7-7’ Police ran [i]“an exercise for multi-site attacks on that very morning” according to consultant Pierre Carli (see panel).  Yet they took two hours to arrive at the scene.  President Hollande immediately claimed “We know who these criminals are [and] where from” before any investigation. He declared a new ‘State of Emergency’. But the Arab passport Police found in pristine condition after the bombing, turned out to be a Syrian soldier’s who died months earlier.[/i] A story of French Intelligence Chief Yves Bonnet making secret pacts with Palestinians to  allow them access on condition they did no harm, is being wheeled out now probably to  counter Kollerstrom’s claims ([i]Sunday Times, 11 Aug. 2019).

The Brussels Airport bomb on 22nd March 2016 is analysed in forensic detail questioning stories about Kalashnikovs evading airport security, conflicting official and eyewitness accounts, one by an Israeli who also happened to be at two other terror attacks.  The  Belgian government had just agreed to recognise Palestinian statehood and support the Boycott Campaign.  Israeli Minister Ofir Akunis instantly warned the EU that such anti-Israel policies bred ‘Islamic’ attacks. Security by ICTS, owned by Israelis Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon, was oddly deficient on the day.  Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported (23 March)
“Security services knew…attacks were planned for the airport.” 

Again, there had been a  terror-drill in Antwerp the day before.  Kollerstrom finds that ISIS websites are linked to  our DWP.  He links the date, 22nd March, a full-moon lunar eclipse, to  the Jewish Holy Day  of Purim when Esther countered King Xerxes’ plan to eradicate Jews from Persia in c.400BC, by murdering his guards.  Linking such seemingly unconnected events is what our Intelligence Services are paid for, not conspiring in fake terror for a foreign agenda killing and injuring us.

The attack in Nice also has odd elements. The lorry was being filmed before it hit anyone, by Richard Gutjahr who also happened to film the Munich disaster.  His wife Einat Wilf was an Israeli foreign policy adviser.  Kollerstrom shows photos of bodies in impossible positions which are likely to be dummies. Astoundingly, the Interior Ministry told the Nice authorities to destroy all CCTV footage.  Finally, many of those reported dead, including the driver, allegedly shot by Police, were still alive: Their identities were stolen. The event was clearly staged.

The Westminster Bridge attack is dissected in minute detail exposing lack of evidence, inconsistencies, changed stories, a Masonic helicopter, fake bodies, a planted manifesto,  no CCTV, extra-judicial killing of the suspect and many other anomalies, making fascinating reading but for which space does not permit a summary.

Conclusion: The facts behind these events echo the ‘9-11’ story: The fictional terrorists make no demands, nor do they benefit from the attacks; evidence is found but none suggesting they are suicidal; they attack the public who are no threat to them; they are instantly accused as Muslim extremists before any inquiry, and; Israel is implicated in nearly every case and is the sole beneficiary.  If that foreign power is manipulating our home security to stir up Islamophobia and goad us to another war, for example against Iran, it must be interdicted before there is more bloodshed and devastation, leading to poverty and more migration.  It also damages the UK’s reputation for justice, human rights, democratic freedoms of speech and association and independence from dictatorial powers-that-should-not-be. This book is valuable testimony for challenging those threats. 

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