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Kevin Barrett
Zionists and imperialists lose but the war continues

Is the war in Syria finally winding down? Maybe the best answer is: insha’Allah. The good news is that a major, long-planned regime change operation targeting Damascus has clearly failed. As 2018 fades into 2019, the Syrian government has gained control of a vast and growing percentage of its territory. The peace process spearheaded by Iran, Turkey, and Russia, in partnership with Syria, has made slow but steady progress toward a tantalizingly elusive final settlement; while the three meddling, destabilizing outsiders who created the whole mess — the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel — have been sidelined.

On December 19, US president Donald Trump announced a “complete and rapid withdrawal” of 2,000 US troops from Syria. The US exit from both the peace process and the war essentially deprives the self-proclaimed sole superpower and policeman of the unipolar world from having any significant influence over the future of Syria. Such a development would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Clearly the US empire is sinking faster than anyone expected.  
Saudi Arabia,  source of most of the funding for the takfiri “rebels,” got kicked out of Syria earlier and in an even more humiliating manner, Saudi proxy Da‘ish was systematically destroyed (ironically, Trump, who is financially beholden to the Saudis, is using the defeat of Saudi asset, Da‘ish, as his excuse to pull out!).

Clown Prince Bin Salman has bungled on so many fronts that it is a wonder he still has a job. Saudi support for Da‘ish and its clones bought a few years of regional destruction and horror, as well as bad PR for Islam in general and the caliphate project in particular. But it brought no lasting strategic advantage for its Saudi sponsors. On the contrary, it solidified regional opposition to the inept and arrogant Saudi royals — especially in places like Iraq, where Da‘ish’s horrors were on full display; Lebanon, where the kidnapping of Prime Minister Sa‘d Hariri and the infiltration of Bin-Salman-backed terrorists illustrated the downside of accepting Saudi money and influence; and Qatar, where the Clown Prince’s blockade and foiled invasion plan made an enemy of Doha. Meanwhile in Yemen, where the Saudis’ “quagmire genocide” sinks ever-deeper into failure and horror, the disastrous foolishness of Saudi leadership makes itself plain to the entire world, underlining the lesson of the Khashoggi murder and cover-up and turning global opinion against the madman of Riyadh.

Though Zionist Israel has not suffered the obvious crushing defeat in Syria that the US and Saudis have, in the long run Tel Aviv may be the biggest loser. For the Syrian war is, more than anything else, a Zionist-sponsored regime change operation aimed at preparing the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Former National Security Council member Gwenyth Todd, who has advised such leading Israel-first neoconservatives as Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, told me in a December 14 interview that the US invasion of Iraq was launched for a single overriding reason: to fill Iraq with US military forces and bases in preparation for inflicting regime change on Iran. The intended beneficiary, Todd says, was Israel, not the US (listen to the interview).

Likewise the war on Syria was orchestrated by the same neoconservatives for the same reason. A leading neoconservative operator, Jeffrey Feltman, spearheaded the neocon-Zionist plan to create a phony “civil war” in Syria. The aim was to replace an Iranian ally, Bashar al-Asad, with an anti-Iran regime that would assist with the Zionists’ long-dreamed-of plan to take down the Islamic Republic. Feltman recruited the former Saudi ambassador to the United States, Bandar bin Sultan, to help with logistics and funding. Beginning in 2008 Bandar raised over $2 billion, which according to a Wikileaked Strafor file was used in a two-pronged strategy: seemingly legitimate, nonviolent “civil society” movements were organized to opposed al-Asad, while at the same time professional thugs were trained in the tactics of terror: bombing, arson, sniping, assassinations… and of course chemical weapons and false flags.

The 2011 Arab Spring provided the perfect pretext for unleashing both prongs. Thugs in the pay of Feltman and Bandar simultaneously fired on both police and protestors, convincing each side that the other was doing the shooting. A wave of terrorism by Feltman’s goons provoked al-Asad’s forces into overreacting against civilians. The result was mayhem. Then Bandar sent in his takfiri “Arab legions” and Syria descended into chaos.

But the Zionist regime change plan backfired, for two reasons. First, a majority of the Syrian people, sensing something amiss in Feltman’s “pro-democracy” propaganda, remained loyal to al-Asad and the lawful Syrian government. Second, Iran, Russia, and Hizbullah joined the fight. All three knew that if Syria fell, their own nations would be next on the regime-changers’ agenda.

US?military presence in Syria in mid-2018. Differing reports have been published regarding where in Syria the US military occupation of that country are based; however, recent reports indicate that there are 14 bases for the US invasion forces. Russian media agencies suggest the existence of 10 American military bases in Syrian territory. However, Iranian intelligence has provided more detailed data, that there are 14 American bases in Syria, of which 12 are located in the north of the country and two in the south. Turkish media outlets have also reported about the existence of 13 US arms depots in Kurdish territories, which are located in close proximity to American bases. With the US troop withdrawal, what will happen to these bases has not yet been made public. Additionally, and more importantly, nothing has been said about the Israeli military presence in Syria, especially in the Kurdish-controlled areas.

The full scale of Israel’s defeat in Syria was made clear on September 17, 2018 when the Zionists lured a Russian Il-20 plane into the killing zone of a Syrian air defense battery. Russia squarely blamed Zionist Israel for the deaths of the plane’s 18 crew members, announced that it would provide Syria with its advanced S-400 air defense system (thereby depriving Israel of access to the skies of Syria), and downgraded its pretense of helping the Zionists push Iran and Hizbullah out of Syria, where they have been invited by the legitimate Syrian government.

Unlike the US and Saudi Arabia, both of which have suffered painful but not mortal defeats in Syria, Zionist Israel faces a potentially existential crisis stemming from its failed regime change plan. Caught in the pincers of a surging global BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) movement on one side and a tenacious armed resistance spearheaded by Hamas and Hizbullah on the other, the Zionists have staked everything on their hopes of destroying the Islamic Republic of Iran, the only remaining state supporting the Palestinians. But though the Zionists got away with their 9/11 false flag operation, and succeeded in hijacking the American military to fight their “seven countries in five years” war, they have been defeated by the combined resistance of the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria… along with less direct resistance in Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, and many other places.

Neither Afghanistan nor Iraq nor Syria is in any condition to serve as a launchpad for the Zionist-hijacked US golem’s phantasmagorical invasion of Iran. Despite the best efforts of John Bolton and other bought-and-paid-for Sheldon Adelson assets, it seems unlikely that Iran, the seventh and most important of the “seven countries in five years” targeted by the 9/11 false flag, will face a major US attack.

But never underestimate the duplicity and cunning of the Zionists, especially when they are backed up against the proverbial wall. Smarting from their proxies’ loss in Syria, the Zionists have made clear their desire to avenge their 2006 defeat by Hizbullah. Benyamin Netanyahu’s self-pitying squealing about Hizbullah’s tunnels, and his launch of Operation Northern Shield (termed “Operation Netanyahu Shield” by Israelis who see it as a political ploy to ward off his impending prosecution for corruption) could signal another Israeli invasion of Lebanon. And if the Zionist extremists decide to go for broke, they could couple a Lebanon invasion with another big false flag designed to drag the US into war on Iran. We should not rule out such scenarios as an Israeli-instigated cyber-attack blamed on Iran, a “Persian Gulf of Tonkin” incident, or even an assassination of war-averse Trump putting Christian Zionist fanatic Mike Pence in the White House.

So, though the war on Syria may be winding down, it was always just one front of a larger regional war — the Zionist war on the heartland of Islam. That war rages on. It will not end until the Zionist entity has been decisively defeated and the racist Zionist ideology consigned to the dustbin of history.

In 2019, old conflicts in the Middle East will persist and new ones might erupt.

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