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Today, more than ever before, the annual Quds Day rallies have assumed great importance. Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the Holy Land (Palestine) are under the control of fanatical zionists who have made no secret of their desire to wipe out the Palestinians and destroy al-Masjid al-Aqsa, the first Qibla of Muslims.

At the outset it must be pointed out that protecting Masjid al Aqsa is not the sole responsibility of the Palestinians. True, they have paid a very high price for protecting it because they happen to reside in Palestine. Tens of thousands have been killed by the marauding zionists; thousands of others are languishing in prisons that can only be described as torture chambers. Women and children are among those imprisoned in the Israeli dungeons where torture—physical, emotional and sexual—is rampant.

Muslims everywhere have a responsibility to help protect Masjid al Aqsa and the Palestinian people. This begins with highlighting the threat they face. The annual Quds Day rallies provide a great opportunity to highlight the continuous illegal occupation of al-Quds and Palestine and the suffering of the Palestinian people that have intensified even more since neo-Nazis grabbed power in Israel last December.

These unabashed racists and bigots have openly called for wiping out Palestinian villages. They even go so far as to deny the existence of the Palestinian people. Thus, as they continue with their genocidal policy, they say the Palestinians ‘do not exist’, so how can we kill them. One can imagine the uproar that would erupt, quite rightly, if someone said they want to wipe out a Jewish village or town or, the Jews as a people do not exist.

These grim circumstances force every person concerned about human life and dignity to speak out against such crimes. The Quds Day rallies that have now become a global phenomenon, provide such an opportunity. It is imperative that as many people as possible join these rallies that are held near the end of the month of Ramadan in most major cities worldwide.

Fortunately, they are no longer confined to Muslims. Many fair-minded non-Muslims also participate in these rallies because they see grievous injustice being inflicted on the Palestinian people. This intolerable situation has gone on for decades and must be brought to an end.
A point about zionism and zionists is also in order. Zionism is a racist ideology that believes in the supremacy of the Jewish people. Many leading rabbis have uttered scandalously racist statements about non-Jews. Further, since zionism is an ideology, zionists are not just the Jewish people but anyone—Christian, Muslim or Hindu—who believes in this racist ideology is a zionist. In fact, there are many Jewish people that categorically reject zionism and openly declare their opposition to it. Joe Biden, a supposed Catholic, is a rabid zionist! So are many Arabian rulers.
Why is the threat to Masjid al Aqsa so real, especially today? Zionist fanatics backed by equally fanatical Christian fundamentalists want to destroy the sacred Al-Aqsa sanctuary to build the mythical third temple there. It is quite revealing that the Christian fanatics, most of whom reside in the US, believe that unless all the Jews are assembled in Palestine, the Messiah will not return. And when he returns, he will kill all of them!

The zionists are quite happy with this interpretation peddled by Christian fundamentalists as long as they funnel billions of dollars annually to the bottomless pit called Israel. This money is used by the illegal zionist squatters and the Israeli occupation army to kill and maim Palestinians. Palestinian land is also being stolen at an alarming rate. Since the beginning of this year, the number of Palestinian casualties has skyrocketed.

The US is an accomplice in these Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians. The US protects Israel from international condemnation at such forums as the UN Security Council; it arms the zionist fanatics and not only gives direct handouts of $3.8 billion annually but also facilitates the theft of billions more through charities and other front organizations. Last month when the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed in the US, it was revealed that it had funneled billions of dollars to companies in Israel.

This reveals a vast web in which American politicians of all stripes are involved in financing the murder of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation army. American politicians are more concerned about the well-being of Israelis than the plight of the American people of whom at least 40 million live in absolute poverty.

The reason is that the pro-Israel lobby has a stranglehold on the US political system. The lobby operates outside the purview of the law. The prime example is the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). It is not registered as an agent of a foreign entity, a privilege afforded to no other lobby group. Thus, AIPAC operates illegally yet every American politician rushes to its annual convention to pledge allegiance—wait for it—not to the US but to Israel.

This brings us to the question of Quds Day rallies that are planned for most major cities in the Muslim world as well as in Africa, Europe and North America this year. Pretoria and Cape Town in South Africa and Zaria and Kaduna in Nigeria as well as Dar-es Salam in Tanzania are important places in Africa where major rallies are held. In North America, Toronto has the honour of hosting the largest Quds Day rally by far of any city. Large rallies are also organized in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. In Britain, the London Quds Day rally attracts very large crowds.

The huge Quds Day rallies worldwide give a severe heartburn to pro-Israel groups. They have attempted to have these rallies banned and some cowardly politicians have even talked about doing so, but under the laws of these countries, it is not possible. Zionist fanatics have attacked peaceful participants at Quds Day rallies.

By such brutal tactics, the zionists merely expose their own criminal nature. It also makes clear to people not familiar with the struggle of the Palestinian people that if they can act so violently in societies where there are some laws against such conduct, what the zionists must be doing to the Palestinians under occupation.

It is imperative for all peace and justice-loving people of all faiths and backgrounds to participate in Quds Day rallies. Once liberated, all people — Muslims, Christians and Jews — can live in peace and harmony with each other in the Holy Land.


 Since its founding, Israel has crafted legal tools to advance the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The current judicial overhaul is part of this process and shows the state's colonization plans are accelerating. By Amjad Alqasis   August 11/12, 2023 - Information Clearing House - "Mondoweiss"

Political Zionism, as laid down in the First Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897, has been brutal from the beginning — a colonial racist movement aimed to take someone else’s land for its own exclusive use. The only way to accomplish this goal was through forced population transfer. This crime, so hideous that it is deemed a war crime and a crime against humanity, served as the foundation of Zionism as well as Israel, where the forcible removal of Palestinians and the installment of its own identified privileged settler group on that same land formed the basis of the state.

While Zionist forces have used military might over the decades to advance this goal, the Zionist movement has also sought to mask this process by placing its atrocities under a legal umbrella. In Zionist logic, not just the mighty sword but also the mighty gavel of the judge would hammer down on Palestinian rights and existence. 

Legal strategies to promote colonization

The Israeli narrative itself describes its own establishment by historic birthright and political turmoil. Zionism wanted to appear modern, democratic, and enlightened — not murderous, supremacist, and authoritarian. In 1948 already, Israel issued a series of military orders to place its crimes within a set of legal regulations. The Absentee Property Military Order, later formed into the Israeli Absentee Property Law, was created to further appropriate Palestinian land and belongings by the appearance of a system ruled by the rule of law. 

According to that rule, Israel declared that all Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons who were forced out of their homes by the same regime that was prohibiting them from returning were absentees, and therefore all their land and property would be confiscated and transferred to Israeli state ownership. 

Although a clear violation of international law and principle, the law facilitates ethnic cleansing through legal venues. Another example is how the state has established “legal” means to prohibit all Palestinian villages and neighborhoods from expanding in size. In practice, this has meant that since 1948 these places have been unable to grow to accommodate their inhabitants, which have quadrupled.

A similar regulation was put in place in the territory occupied in 1967, with the same devasting result. The laws and regulations Israel put in place to advance its policies of forced population transfer are almost endless. For instance, in the 1967 occupied cities and areas, more than 2,000 Israeli military orders exist alongside Ottoman, British, and Jordanian laws. Israel chooses which regulations to apply in a specific situation to get the maximum result. And if the law does not exist, a new military order is formulated. 

This contradictory approach to all international legal principles forms the basis of Israel’s legal illegality.   In recent years Israel adopted laws to further curtail public freedoms, demonize all forms of Palestinian resistance as terrorism, and call all international supporters of Palestinian rights antisemites. 

The 2018 Nation-State Law is a prominent example of how the Israeli political system is heading further into a majoritarian and authoritarian direction. This law simply codified long-standing existing Israeli practices, in particular, that the right to exercise national self-determination in Israel is exclusively for Jewish people, and therefore made the fundamental imbalance of being a democratic state and a Jewish state clear. 

The law, in essence, declares if there is a clash between the Jewish and democratic character of the state, Jewishness precedes the latter. Such a grave restriction to democratic principles reveals Israel’s true nature and stands in direct contradiction to the decades-long mantra of being a “Jewish and democratic” state. Another example is the recently passed amendment of one of Israel’s central apartheid laws, the 2010 “Village Committees Law,” which grants neighborhoods up to 700 households to reject people from moving in to “preserve the fabric” of that community, naturally leading to Jewish-only communities. 

According to Adalah, the amendment will lift the limitation on households in five years’ time, potentially granting Jewish-only admission committees power in all Israeli-controlled areas and cities throughout historic Palestine. An accelerating processIsrael designed a displacement strategy through legality to complement its mass deportations in 1948 and 1967. Population transfer is achieved by creating an overall untenable living situation that leaves no choice for the inhabitants other than to leave their homes. This strategy has taken the form of “silent” transfer, and through it, Israel attempts to avoid international attention by displacing small numbers of people on a weekly basis. However, this policy is gradually being abandoned by Israel and Zionist leaders to make room for a more aggressive displacement strategy. Today, Israeli ministers openly discuss the takeover of holy places, the erasure of whole Palestinian villages, and the deportation of large parts of the population. 

It seems that Israel’s leaders, more than 75 years after the original accomplishment of Zionism, the creation of a state, are trying to complete the Zionist vision in their own lifetime. The current judicial overhaul fits into this accelerationist line of thinking. Though it should be pointed out that all Zionist Israeli institutions, including the Israeli Supreme Court as well as all preceding governments, advanced the Zionist goal of colonizing all of historic Palestine, disabling the potential judicial oversight of courts allows for much more quickly adopted and aggressive transfer policies.  

Israel’s oppression and systematic dispossession of Palestinians are executed by brute force masked within a web of laws and legal mechanisms. The Zionist elites are currently working on closing any potential loopholes to that system, even though this means sacrificing their own institutions in that process. Thus, Israel will not be able to untangle itself from the web it has weaved, and when actual judicial oversight is applied, its legacy of war crimes and crimes against humanity is all that will remain. 

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