Moeen Yaseen

Moeen Yaseen is the Founder director of Global Vision 2000 a private independent UK Islamic thinktank and business consultancy. The Islamic Business Channel is an initiative of Global Vision 2000. He is a visionary, thought leader, business consultant and educator and has been pioneering his vision of ” Moving Towards the Universal paradigm shift”.

Matt Fok

Matt Fok is the Founder and CEO of eLearningZoom and eZ-Xpo, a new game changer in Virtual Collaborative Network based in San Francisco Silicon Valley, California for over seven years. eZ-Xpo transforms the traditional event and lead generation approach to a Virtual Collaborative Profit Center for customer acquisition, customer conversion, and customer retention/up-sell & cross-sell with unlimited organic traffic every day.

John Attridge

John Attridge ( C.T.B ) is the founder and CEO of BBXUK “the Bank of spare capacity”. John has been in the complementary currency space since founding the industry sector in Australia in the 1980’s and has been part of the Industry group IRTA since inception being the first person in the southern hemisphere to be awarded the highest industry designation for industry understanding also serving terms on the ethics and education committees of that group

David Musa Pidcock

Technical Writer and Monetary Reformer, Historical Researcher, Political Analyst.

Specialisms in political economy, rational economics, Islamic banking,
LETS- local exchange trading systems, local currency systems, barter trade, Interest free and debt free alternatives to Western fractional reserve banking system.During 1997-98 Assisted Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed in averting the Asian Monetary crisis.

Dr.Simon Mouatt

Simon Mouatt has lectured in higher education for 26 years and is an established researcher in monetary economics and global political economy. He has a keen sense of economic and social justice and actively supports the objective of advancing a moral political economy for the sake of humanity and the planet. In particular, he has served as the vice-chairman for the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and secretary for the Association of Heterodox Economics, and worked in partnership with several groups and individuals that promote inter-faith understanding and cooperation on the pressing contentious issues of our time.

Sergio Lopez Figueroa

Based in London, Sergio Lopez Figueroa is a Spanish born creative and social entrepreneur, educator, visionary, public speaker and cultural leader with a background in music composition, video production and digital storytelling. He studied at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) and Bournemouth University (PGDip) and continued his training in digital content management and digital marketing (Squared Digital / Google). His consultancy portfolio includes service design, community development, communication, digital marketing, learning design and public engagement services.