BBXUK part of the BBXI group is the “the Bank of spare capacity”. It is the largest complementary digital currency business exchange globally. Complementary currencies provide a cloud based solution for business owners to capture and monetise what would otherwise be wasting spare capacity.

Currently operating in 12 countries with over 70000 cardholders. Over 2000 members in the UK.

The platform also provides interest free lending facilities to help business owners grow their business in an ethical and sustainable way.

9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Apply…

Guaranteed New Customers

We guarantee to bring you new customers when you open an account.

Enhanced Profits

Cash savings of up to 90% when paying with your account.

Increase Market Share

Win business from your competitors.

Improve Cash Flow

Save your cash by using suppliers in the community.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager will promote your business throughout the community.

Interest Free Credit Facility

Each account receives an interest free credit line of up to £100,000.

Access to BBX Rewards

Savings of up to 20% at high street stores.

Access to Fuel Card

Savings of up to 5p litre.

Access to BBX Advantage

Free benefits designed for small business owners.