Global Vision 2000 was established in 2000 as a private independent company based in the United Kingdom. It is a catalytic organisation committed to a holistic global renaissance and working towards the Universal Paradigm shift. Global Vision 2000 is an independent international Islamic think-tank and operates on a flat network centric basis. It is facilitating the evolution of global human consciousness by focusing on an Universal transcendentalist vision. Global Vision 2000 as a consultancy is also engaged in business events and activities which are focussed on developing and promoting a new paradigm.

To date, Global Vision 2000 has been research-focused on holistic thought leadership, technology and modernisation within a global framework. It has been developing a “network of networks” as well as a “community of collaboration” comprised of the intelligentsia, business, finance and industry in association with aligned partners seeking fundamental transformation in society. Global Vision 2000 operates in a collaborative model and has formed powerful alliances and partnerships with a number of innovative organisations across the globe. We are pleased to announce that all interested parties are welcome to participate in our forum.