Global Vision 2000 the UK based independent Islamic thinktank and business consultancy has evolved and after 16 years of research, development and advocacy is launching our new website with the birth and inauguration of the Islamic Business Channel – IBC.

The purpose of the IBC is to accelerate all businesses, social enterprises and agencies to make the transition to and building of a fairer and just world. This is what we mean by our slogan referring to Moving towards the universal paradigm shift.  This can only happen by building a global alliance and coalition with a collaborative ecosystem of networks working in a spirit of partnership and transformation for the Common Good.  The IBC is a digital platform for our community.

The IBC is committed to working with all stakeholders who seek not only a sustainable world but one which is fair and just for all. Only after releasing human potential can humans realise becoming vicegerents. The IBC is a digital platform which will work with Islamic tv channels and others to promote our community for all businesses and entities committed to universal values of economic justice and fairness.  The IBC is committed to building a debt free and usury free world in which the global commons is shared equitably.

Our vision is inspired by the vision of the Global Islamic community of 1.8 billions rising as the “Middle Nation to uphold good and stop evil”.  The IBC  is committed to working for a world in which Islam and Muslims are living, working and trading as equal partners with others in our global village. At a time of the rising spectrum of terrorism and extremism of all types in all nations we need solutions that eradicate root causes which are not being addressed. It is clear that debt, poverty, crime and violence go hand in hand and if our times need any war it has to be to eradicate these.

Imam Ali said: “We withstood the weight of the iron, the stone and the lash, but found the hardest thing to endure was the burden of debt.”

Jefferson said – “The modern theory for the perpetuation of debt, has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed it’s inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating”

The IBC  believes that the current global financial and economic world is fundamentally flawed.  The pyramidical system is designed to prosper the few, is fundamentally unstable and in which injustice is structurally endemic and subject to cycles of boom and bust followed by war. The bad news is other bubbles will burst and we are in the lull before the next global crash. We are living in an upside down world and there is an urgent need for a balanced moral political economy meeting the needs of people and planet. The Great Unwind of 2007-8 has morphed from a financial crisis into an economic crisis into a political crisis. The good news proclaimed on the day of Isra Miraj is that the IBC is committed to offering knowledge, solutions and a digital platform for its community to solve problems ravaging humanity based on the universal Islamic values of ADL – compassionate socio-economic justice. It is time to join and support IBC and its community on this long journey.